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Hi, my name is Felix. I enjoy playing all games from foot ball (woot!!) to final fantasy (woot once again!!!) I many play defence so I get to crunch people in the shin when they deserve it >:). I like making stop animation films such as "p.c bob and traffic". My view on Pseudolonewolf is that he pushes himself way too hard. He needs to get a team together to help his continue progress on all his games. In my experience trying to edit a film without a team is a nightmare. You need at least 3 people: 1 for music, 1 for video, and 1 for special effects. Yalort is my god whether he accepts me or not!! All hail Yalort!!!!!!. P.S. please tell me if you find any spelling mistakes!!!

That was happy me. Annoying isn?t he ... well normal me talks a lot less, likes to read books like James Bond and Alex Rider, hates playing games !!! likes writing storylines for my cousin?s comics (which will be famous in a couple of years), and likes looking at the stars. Oh and if your wondering if I?m bipolar then no, proved by my school psychiatrist.

Oh I also spent about 5 years of my schooling lunchtimes in learning support learning to write better. It took that long to get to this stage. (crappy isn?t it?)