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Location:United Kingdom United Kingdom
Religion:Christian (catholic)
Alignment:True Neutral

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I think I should actually put a bio in now, as just that line ^ does not show enough about me. I like gaming, usually RPG or strategy type, though I like platformers as well. I like the Final Fantasy series, and my favourite game ever is Final Fantasy VIII (eight) - brilliant story, amazing, battle & 'junction' system... fantastic.

I'm True Neutral because I'm not really evil or horrible to others, but I wouldn't stop something bad from happening... And I'm somewhat selfish... And I don't follow rules strictly, but I wouldn't break them just for the sake of doing so...

I have a lot of trouble writing more than a short amount. I'm already struggling, even though I've only written that bottom paragraph now (I do things in weird orders), the other bits are from 2 different... sessions?

The creativity stat up there... hmm. I'll leave it as average, as I really appreciate good art and nice music, and can even create music myself, to some extent, and appreciate uniqueness, if you want, but my actual creativity... hm... It can be decent... sometimes.

I'm... Sanguine/Melancholic now. If you disagree, tell me, but... I don't think I'm going to change it. I think it fits me best (even though all the combinations with Sanguine in front would fit me decently, really...) probably.