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Location:Australia Australia
Ethnicity:look to location
Alignment:Neutral Good

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  • Fighunter games
  • (LOVE) books
  • Knowledge
  • solitude
  • various other things...
  • Psuedolonewolf\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Mu


  • working hard
  • hate
  • being ignored
  • being the center of attention
  • that I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'\\\\\\
  • That people treat me like a 5 year old
  • that anyone would read this *blush*

Mental Irregularities

  • I'm not sure what to put here....I don't think I have any...I think....


I've never actually had to describe myself to someone before, so I will try my best for you to get the best impression of what kind of person I am.
Well, I'll start with the basics...In real life I'm actually very shy until I get to know you, but on the internet it's easier to more outgoing, and I'm also the kind of person who likes to help other people, and I always try to please other people. I also feel terrible when someone else is mad or hates me, and I tend to take most insults to heart, so I guess you could say I'm sort of sensitive in that way. Except, I'm not susceptible to others wills(I can't remember the word so I sort of used the definition, sorry) as you might think, and it's not that I'm stubborn either, it's just that I'm used to peer pressure and things such as that, so it doesn't really affect me, and I can think for myself. :)
I enjoy reading and playing games, and I also enjoy surfing(and most other water related activities from scuba-diving to bogey-boarding), tennis, and soccer. I am very lazy, and it took quite a bit of effort to convince myself to do this. Also, I forgot to mention this earlier, I am very intelligent, I feel sort of arrogant for saying this(and I won't share my IQ score since that would be rude, and it also wouldn't mean anything since I could type in any number I want.), but it is true. Although, I feel I make up for this, since, unless I focus, I will do the most idiotic and embarrassing things, and I'm also quite clumsy :/. For example, I've run into dozens of poles, and most of them feel like they just come out of no where...One last note(unless I decide to add more later, and if I do I'll probably just add another section than bother putting it in these 2 paragraphs, so heads up in case this *isn't* the last note :p) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MUSIC!!! I play a few instruments, 2 are self taught, another 2 I learned in band, and there was one other but I've abandoned it( R.I.P. Trumpet ; -;). I won't go into specifics about the instruments I play, or the kind of music I enjoy, but the point is I love music. :)

P.S. To the grammar Nazis, sorry about the run on sentences ._.