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Location:United States United States
Alignment:Lawful Neutral

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  • Creative writing
  • Reading good writing
  • Flash games
  • Programming flash games
  • Sleep
  • Alcohol


  • Academic papers
  • Being gentle about bad writing.
  • Being old enough to make money
  • Bugs
  • All-nighters
  • The morning after alcohol.

Mental Irregularities


Behold. I am bored. This means that my profile will become longer!!

I am known as: DeNovo, DeoNvo, DeHobo, DN, and Dragon. I'm not so sure about DN anymore, and Dragon is reserved. But use any of the remainder and I'll act like you shocked me with a cattle prod!! Or at least read your post, and then politely pretend you said nothing about my mother.

I like to write! I write profusely, and I'm writing even more profusely these days! If I decide that I want your opinion on things I will spam writing at you and stare eagerly. I tend to find people whose opinion I can't guess at, however, or people who can give me long, lengthy critique, so if you never see my writing that doesn't mean I think you're a terrible writer, it just means I don't know if you're part of the very small group of people who I want to be able to understand the hidden messages.

I play video games. I'm currently trying to beat Bayonetta, because I feel bad about owning like 3 games I'm nowhere near finishing. And I'm close, I think! I read obsessively about game design, game development, and software algorithms, so if provoked I speak very lengthily on those subjects. :D

I like helping people with programming! Come ask me questions. :) I will answer them patiently, helpfully, or I will stare at you and say "....I have no idea what you just said. Clearly this means you are not telling me everything." My areas in which I can be helpful are Java, C++, and Actionscript, or algorithmic analysis, though the less deeply you're involved with a language the more knowledgeable I become. Ask away, though, because I will go search the internets just so you will say "Thank you DeNovo!" ;D

I am Melancholic/Sanguine. I'm also very supposed to be at work. Go figure.