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  • RPGs
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl
  • Blues
  • Sleeze Rock
  • Being tall
  • Japanese culture
  • Tali\\\'Zorah nar Rayya
  • Lightning
  • Gibson SGs
  • John Marsdon


  • Stereotypes
  • Rain in the summer
  • Radiohead
  • Cloud Strife
  • Not knowing how to spell things
  • Badly played violins
  • Religion
  • Ignorance
  • Not being able to draw
  • Boredom

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Hey there. My name is Curtis. I'm from South Wales in the UK. I review quite a few games here at Fig Hunter, mostly because I get bored and it's a nice little constructive thing to do =) If you have any suggestions/requests of games for review, just drop me a quick PM and I'll see what I can do =)

Anyway, a little about myself. I'm six foot tall and very slim. I have red hair on which I waste about fifteen minutes every morning making it defy gravity. You'll normally see me wearing baggy jeans with a shirt and waistcoat, along with my favourite boots. My arms and neck hold a nice collection of junk I've acquired over the years: necklaces, bracelets, bandannas, bandages, a watch, as well as a few assorted leather straps. Currently I spend my days in college studying Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths, and I've just been offered a place at Cambridge University to study Biochemistry. Hopefully after that I can get a position doing some sort of Pharmaceutical research, so who knows, if a few years you could be taking drugs I researched. Kinda a scary thought, right? =P

So yeah, I'm a big gamer. I own a Wii and DS but also do a bit of gaming on my PC and my girlfriend's 360. I'm a massive RPG nut, and definitely the sort of person who has to complete everything, which means that for your average RPG I can easily rack up over 100 hours with no trouble. My favourite games change from one day to the next, but if you asked me right now, I'd probably say Final Fantasy VI, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Pokemon Black, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2 and Xenoblade. I play a lot of other genres as well, from shooters like Halo and Conduit, to beat 'em ups like No More Heroes and Darksiders, and right the way through to platformers such as Mario.

Music is another big part of my life. Currently I play guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, and piano, while I've dabbled a little in ukulele, harmonica, accordion, and have even done a little vocal work *shudder*. I enjoy playing music immensely, even though I'm not actually all that amazing at any of my instruments. The social aspect of music is what I really love. There's few other things that can unite people so quickly as playing an instrument in a group, whether it's a death metal group or a symphonic wind band.
I enjoy listening to music just as much as I enjoy playing it though. One thing I enjoy especially is hearing songs that I know well done in different styles. I feel it's incredibly interesting to see someone else's take on a tune you know back to front; it shows just how everyone hears that little something different in every piece.
All music holds some sort of appeal to me, so long as it's pleasing on the ears. Particular favourite artists/composers of mine are Carlos Santana, Howard Shore, Hanz Zimmer, A Day To Remember, Buckcherry, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, T. Rex, Avenged Sevenfold, Metric, Ke$ha and Black Stone Cherry.

I, like so many on this site, found Pseudolonewolf through the MARDEK series, being a huge fan since MARDEK 1. I find his brand of humour very funny, and after seeing just how much thought and (more importantly) passion he puts into his games I can't help but appreciate them all the more. I love speculating on what might happen in future episodes and really enjoy hearing other peoples' opinions on the series.

Anyway, I think that's enough for now. Hope you enjoyed my little ramble if you bothered to read it. Thanks a lot.