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Location:Ireland Ireland
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral

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  • Books
  • A good show once in a while.
  • The Planet Neptune.
  • Yellow Sticky notes.
  • Eqyptian and Norse Mythology.
  • Mardek games.
  • Beast Signer. (I want it done!)
  • Birds, Mythical or otherwise.


  • Heat.
  • The Sun.
  • SOLAK!
  • Purely Romance Novels (They are all the same!)
  • Modern television shows.
  • What people have become. Mostly Americans anyway.
  • Almost all soft drinks except Dr. Pepper.
  • Bland foods.
  • Overuse of plastic.
  • Most cakes.

Mental Irregularities

  • Schizoid/Schizotypal personality disorders. I only hang out here, because I'm bored, and seeing people trying to discuss things in the chat room is amusing.


I guess I will start from the beginning. I was born on April 29th, 1994. My Mother was born somewhere in Ireland, where she was adopted by a family in Canada who couldn't have children of their own. She went to school, graduated but never made it to collage, since she got married and had two child, my half sister, and my dead sister (She died as a small child when she snuck out of the house somehow, and drown in the small pool our Grandmother's house). When it was apparent that the man she married was cheating on her, with a person he worked with, they got a divorce and the guy went a bit nuts. After about three years, my Mother got married again, and another year I was born... but of course my Mother's luck provides again, as my Father had a bit of a drug problem, and realizing that he couldn't be a Father due to his problems he left, knowing that doing so would do more good then bad. I don't blame him, nor does my Mother, I still don't like it that he ran from it though, instead of facing his problem. Somewhere in here, we moved back to Ireland.

As I grew up, I was told by everyone that I was gifted, that I was special, I advanced through my classes at a higher rate that most people... I never thought as much, I just thought I had a better grip on things then others, but because that went down on record, both in schools, and in my Mother's mind, any time I do less then great, she gives me this... look. People who have seen it know what I'm talking about, people who haven't seen it, I hope it stays that way. It's the look that makes you feel like utter crap and a disappointing mass of self loathing smeg... and she says that I haven't been motivating myself enough, I'm not working at my potential, that I'm not trying my hardest, even when I am. We will get back to this in a bit, but moving on. My Mother remarried again, to what would be best described as a complete psychopath. According to my Mother, he changed almost overnight to a nice guy who wanted to help raise us, to the Neo-Nazi, animal kicking, wife beating, child abuser that wanted to kidnap me, and raise me as some kind of heir... kind of obvious that this ended in divorce as well. After my that, my Mother gave up, and decided to raise us alone, we lived paycheck to paycheck, at best and lived semi-happy, when my Mother met a friend online and the friend, needing a place to stay, decided to come live with us, and help pay for things. At the time, I'm not sure if she agreed because she thought that my Mother might love her, as I am quite sure she did swing that way, but I'm not sure... though by then my Mother was a emotionally wrecked recluse, who had a Schizoid/Schizotypal personality disorder. My Mother probably agreed because we needed help, and she was a good friend. It was ok that way for a long time, although I hate her, because she got my Mother to smoke, and it would be a long time before I, and our money problems convinced her to quit.

This lady, at the time I just called her Aunt, since she was kinda like a Aunt, was a bit... harsh when it came to parenting. She would smack whoever talked back, she was a bit excessive when it came to punishment, (A prime example would be when I asked if I could have a piece of gum, she said yes, I took 2 because they were small pieces, and she asked if I took more then one, then I admitted I had taken more then one, and she grounded me for a week off the computer.) and usually the punishment was probably self motivated, since it usually involved me not getting time on the computer, which she used to play Everquest (A MMORPG) when she wasn't at work, or away with friends or something. Over time, it became apparent we were losing money some how, even though our bills were becoming less over time, though before we could actually find out that it was because she was taking money, and buying expensive gifts for one of her 'friends' and sneaking around like she was cheating, but before we found out, she left us with no money, no car, and almost no computer. After our money was slipping away before my Mother could get a job, she quit smoking by means of cold turkey... it was a scary two months. At this time, I was in Middle school and it was becoming more and more apparent that I did not fit in. I was showing signs of being as reclusive as my Mother, I rarely raised my hand in class, though I knew the answers, I never did many presentations, I didn't have friends in school, except for the strange kid with glasses that was very talented with playing cards that always seemed to hang around me... I don't know if I would call him a friend, but that's just me. And since I didn't fit in, the other kids targeted me... Since at the time, I was a head taller then the tall kids in the schools, it was always done quickly or without me noticing... I would get punched in hallways full of kids, hit in the back, I would get pencils thrown at me in classrooms when the teacher wasn't looking, I would get those little rubber band paper bullet things flicked at it, in lunch I would get the occasional ketchup packet thrown at me, hopefully unopened... I eventually started skipping classes to get away from it all... I hated them all, and their stupid hormonal minds, their insignificant want to be dominant, and because of it, I started to drop back in grades, and I stopped being ahead... in math anyway. To this day, I have been homeschooled for about five grades now, either by books, or computer classes I have been doing at least high Bs, except in math.

When my half Sister turned 18, she got married, had a baby, and dropped out of school one month from graduation... leeched every cent my Grandmother had for stuff for her, not for the baby, and when my Grandmother said no more, my Sister stopped letting her see the baby... soon as we started getting tired of it, they packed their bags, and moved to Ohio, probably to leech off the husband's Grandparents. Not much to say about this... we hate her, she still calls us daily to talk to us about random crap, we tell her to stop calling as much, she calls anyway, and we will probably not see her again till our Grandmother's funeral... hopefully.

There isn't much to tell at this point, our house started to fall apart, so we moved, and now this house, that we live in now has a ant problem that we are just now starting to fix, and everything... Money isn't that good, but it's ok. My grades are slightly above average, except a D in math... I don't know what it is about Algebra, or most math for that matter. I have no problem knowing that the pituitary gland in the brain is the master gland, but I can't seem to understand x - 2 x 3 = 3 x 2 - x is a example of reflexive property. I don't know what's it's been lately, I've just had these... headaches. Sometimes it's this whitenoise that never goes away, or just this mental block that I just can't shake... I can't concentrate, no matter what I do, and I try to explain this to my Mother, but she gives me the look, and tells me to try harder. I also haven't been getting much sleep... I go to sleep tired, I wake up tired, I spend the day tired, rinse and repeat... every day, for the last year it's been like this. I also recently got diagnosed with the same personality disorders my Mother has, the Schizoid/Schizotypal thing, and I also apparently expiate small amounts of Obsessive Compulsive behavior, but I don't know about that... Now a days, I just spend my days talking to people when I'm bored, reading the same books over and over and over again... never getting enough money for new ones, except around Christmas, and playing things like Minecraft..... I don't even know why I'm writing this, I don't really understand much of what I do these days, the headaches keep getting worse. I'm actually doing a summary when I write this, I haven't even involved my religious views, and all that other nonsense people delude themselves in...