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Location:Ireland Ireland
Alignment:Chaotic Good

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  • People willing to accept change and differences.
  • my friends
  • games
  • running
  • music


  • racism, towards anyone
  • my enemies

Mental Irregularities


Okay after much putting off I'm finally going to write something!
I don't think I'll ever finish this, instead I'll probably just add bits to it as I feel necessary.
Or rather, when I could be bothered to do some writing.

Where to start? There are so many things I want to say about myself that I simply don't know where to begin. Not that a lot of people are likely to see this anyway. I reckon only about ten people have actually visited this page. If your reading this please leave some trace that you have seen my page even rating me or something would be nice. If your going to read my bio, which could take you a while, you should know you can start anywhere. I'll have everything under different headings like life story, stats, philosophy, and probably other stuff I haven't even thought of yet.

My personal stats, explained in detail.

I'm not good looking. But I'm not bad looking either. I guess I'm about average but I really don't know due to the mixed reactions I get from girls.

Up until recently I considered myself very unfit and terrible at just about every sport that exists. I tried playing football, rugby, hockey, and a load of other things which I simply gave up on after realising I sucked at them. Then I started playing basketball and found I had a knack for it. I certainly wasn't one of the best players and never won any rewards, except most improved in my first year but my self confidence was given a much needed boost. I also started playing tennis and when our school made us do long distance runs I realized I could keep up a good pace a lot longer then most others. Made me glad I didn't take up smoking like so many other people I know.

I like to consider myself quite socially adept. I find it easy to talk to and get along with other people and am generally well liked. If standing bored in a line I can easily strike up a conversation with whoever happens to be next to me to pass the time. However a lot of people simply don't seem to like me. Perhaps a total stranger trying to engage you in conversation isn't the most comfortable thing in the world. Sometimes it seems no matter what I say I'm immediately disliked. It is very annoying getting asked a yes or no question where either answer will cause you to be disliked. Despite technically having a mental disability that limits my social skills people tend to like my easygoing, relaxed nature.

I really don't care about this. I have a lot of ranging from nerds to the type I'm not to keen on introducing to my parents. When I meet someone I simply look at them for who they are. I don't about their sport ability or how many girls they've been with or if they spend all day playing world of warcraft. In my school I wouldn't call myself popular. Most of my friends go to different school and the people in mine seem to be the only ones in the universe I can't get along with.

I am confident enough to attempt

I would say I'm about as independent as a teenager living with his parents can get. I can cook, clean the house, and do basically everything needed to live independently. I like being independent. I will always try to do things on my own, only asking for help in in situations where I am in a lot of trouble and even then will leave that till I'm really desperate.

I'll write more soon if your interested in me for some obscure reason check back sometime.