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Personal Info

Location:Canada Canada
Religion:believe in evolution
Alignment:Lawful Good

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  • dogs
  • games
  • friends
  • family
  • final fantasy
  • comedy net.
  • burgers


  • cats
  • drugs
  • HPO
  • cancer
  • eminem
  • cool whip

Mental Irregularities

  • I have slight autism. I got bullied when I went school for around the first 5 years of school so I suffered from depression for a lttle while. I injoy school. I'm a Introvert.


I'm your average teenager. I don't have a lot of likes, most of the time I sleep, I'm kind of into music (not much I can play piano and I've been told that I have a good voice). Besides that I like sports some kids say that I'm "boss" at basketball (don't play much though) I play soccer too. Not into any other sports at the moment. I draw comic strips and post them on facebook for my friends to see I'm not very confident in my drawing though. Lots of kids in my class have highly respect for me because I'm "boss" as they would say. the teachers think I'm the funniest kid ever which is a bad sign for a teenager like me. I'm into games that have a good story I don't care so much about graphics but that's just my opinion. Like most people on this site I found it because of mardek (which is my favourite game at the time being) . I don't play a lot of video games because most of them have a boring storylines but that's just my opinion. THE END.