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Location:United States United States
Alignment:Lawful Good

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  • Stephen Colbert
  • pugs & other dogs
  • girls
  • Beef, meat in general, eating food
  • fossils, science, and geology
  • Guns, Hunting and military
  • Dr.pepper, Pepsi and sprite
  • Barrack Obama and Teddy Roosevelt
  • Germany
  • Stephen Colbert again.


  • Baboons, AKA satanic demons of Satan
  • Satanists, for willingly loving evil
  • rednecks and their ilk
  • ignorance, hateful people, trolls, Alberto
  • The late Michael Jackson
  • Jesse Jackson
  • Cheese... I just do not like it
  • Rats that gnaw on stuff
  • Uber-Christians.(The ones who are over the top.)
  • CtG >:{D

Mental Irregularities

  • Diagnosed with Aspergers by four psychologists.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder traits.(Not full blown.)
  • Short attention spa... PUGS!
  • Mild Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia AKA fear of the number 666. Mostly controllable. If it wasn't, then how would I be able to type it?!? 1000.
  • Hydrophobophobia the fear of hydrophobia. Basically it means I'm scared of rabies.(Also known as Lyssophobia and Kynophobia.)
  • Illogical fear of the fish in the Esox family. I think this would be called Esoxphobia...


NOTE: On the new site, I have the same name as I do here. I am david s there, just as I am here. Myes.

I've decided to clean up my bio a bit. Let's see how it looks.

Spoiler for polls about me:

Spoiler for D boys:

I was born in Pennsylvania in a small town. I live in a rural area. I love nature and being outdoors. I like to hunt. I like animals, and I have a high respect for the animals I hunt, and I respect the animals I eat, for giving their body to nourish me.(Or something creepy sounding like that, I mean seriously, that makes me sound like a vampire or something.) I am not a member of the NRA, as I am not a Republican, nor am I conservative. I put my "class" as Paladin, but I also fit into scientist, YALORTIAN, fig hunter, Warrior, healer and philosopher.

I'm easy to upset on certain things, and I can have a bit of a hair trigger, but I'm generally forgiving, and I really can't stay mad at someone who apologizes.(It's not in my nature.) I certainly prefer to be on someone's good side rather than their bad side, but it seems I tend to get on people's bad side more often than I'd like to...

Most of the time I'm neutral to many things, but I often take a strong, liberal stance on a variety of issues. For instance, I am easily caught up in arguments over peoples rights. I find one of my biggest hot-topics that I can't let go by is when someone discriminates based on ascribed statuses.(Statuses you cannot control i.e. your age, race, gender, nationality or sexuality.) I am fine with you *having an opinion* on those things, but the second you actually *treat someone different* based on an ascribed status, I get very upset, and start spitting fire like a... well... like a spitfire. As you can imagine, when Pseudo threatens to treat children differently, I get easily upset, and I start attacking anyone around me that isn't on my side.(I had to have some to list it as my secondary temperament.)

Religious arguments are odd for me. When I first came to this site, I was very... er... zealous. In hindsight, my extremity was a bad characteristic, and I felt that needed to be changed. More recently I've become far more stable in my religious views though, and as a result, I see a great deal of merit in both religion and a lack thereof. HOWEVER! I truly despise seeing someone try to force their beliefs down someone else's throats. Now, before you say "Ha! He hates you religious zealots!" I want to say that anti-theism is equally as terrible. Atheism, I get, but not anti-theism. Sure, some people kill because of their religion, so does that give you the right to rip their heads off and chew them a new anus for being religious? It's an individual choice, it doesn't hurt you. If the person hurts you because they think their religion tells them to, it's *their choice*, it's not the religion hurting people, it's the stupid people. It's one of the cases that I agree with the saying "Hate the player, not the game". Anyway, when a religious argument pops it's ugly head up, and atheists/anti-theists and zealots start casting wads of flaming puss at each other, I *try* to coll things down by being moderate. Does it work? I don't know! Who knows! If it did work, it would be a miracle! People love arguing and hating, it seems. It reminds me of a saying my brother uses all the time. "Opinions are like a**holes... everyone has one, and they all stink."

Suffice it to say, that describes a lot of the way you'll see me on this site.

Personal spiritual beliefs

Official religious beliefs: As you can see, unless I changed it recently, I am of the totally elite Panzergrenadier unit that worships Rating Orb Dreamgawd instead of Willalvein or YALORT or Drostie or the holy FSM as our main god. Rating Orb Dreamgawd grants us safe passage in the dream world, for she is powerful. Do not anger her, for her wrath is most tempestuous indeed.

Other religious beliefs: I'm actually a henotheist, meaning that I believe in one god, but I believe there are other gods worthy of worship, and mine is not necessarily the best one or something to that effect. This is a hyperlink to the wikipedia page on it. I believe in several gods as being god to worship, and I believe most, if not all religions have something right about them, though most if not all religions have a lot wrong with them. I don't believe a god would tell his/her people to kill other people, but I have a different view of god then most people. I think that any god would be as uninvolved as possible. Basically, I believe in a Laissez-faire god. My beliefs are somewhat similar to deism and Jesusism.

Spiritual beliefs: I believe that all things, living and non living, and even concepts, have souls. Some have different kinds of souls, but I believe absolutely everything has a soul... somethings have more than one, like most living things, which would have a soul as a living being, a soul as an object, and the individual cells that make it up would have their own souls. It's very complicated, but suffice it to say that I believe everything has a soul. This view is known as animism, which is not exactly a common set of beliefs nowadays. I try to be open to others ideas, hence why I try to have open beliefs. Now, believing everything has a soul has a bit of a trick, you see, that makes it impossible to eat without killing something that has a soul. That't where the next part comes in.

Beliefs on sentience: Sentience is a very hard to explain, an impossible to define quality that humans supposedly have, and most animals, if not all animals, do not have. I personally believe there are certain sentient beings. I believe that humans, dogs, dolphins, ravens and crows are sentient. In the case of my belief of what constitutes sentient is the awareness of other beings as living things with emotions, and being capable of understanding that, and perhaps understanding their emotions and a feeling of empathy. I know, certain humans don't have that, but bear with me. I think the species I listed are capable of being aware of others emotions. Don't ask me to add cats to the list of animals I think are sentient, I just don't quite see them as being quite up to par on it. Pigs are somewhere near it, but not quite there.


People skills: little-to-none.

Elements, in order of most like, to least like: Water, Light, Earth*, Fire, Physical, Thauma, Air, Fig, Divine, Ether & Dark.(*after that point, I express very few traits.) I took 10 personal elements tests, of which 6 said I was water, and 4 said I was earth. I took a different one that tests which of the periodic table elements you are most like, and I took that three times. It ended up being iron twice and helium once.

Temperament: in that order. The results of this test here were usually about 22 8 8 2. Still, I think that is more fitting to me than , so I stay at as my temperament. I would like to be more , but it isn't very easy to change your temperament.

Alignment: because I like rules, and I like to do good. I hold doing the right thing over doing the legal thing, and I know some laws need to be broken, and I have certainly broken plenty of laws, some serious, but I like laws and rules, and I like to obey them. I try to be organized, and I have a... chaotic... organization. I can always find things where I put them, but my room always looks like one of the worst messes you have ever seen.

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Yay pugs. I'm totally obsessed with pugs.