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Mental Irregularities


UPDATE (2014-5-18): I obviously am not able to fill out my statistics myself in an accurate manner.

I tend to use spoilers a lot, I have realized...

I will add to this bio at times. Thus, it probably will be unorganized. (I have decided to blot-out information I don't want known.)

Oh, and I am user #128, if you wanted to know.

I'm putting this first because it'll have the most recent and relevant information.

Spoiler for unknown time:

Spoiler for 12/3/2011:

Let's Good place to start.
I have been in the Magnet Program all my life (think of it as an accelerated course). I go to **** High School, and it's the thirteenth in the nation. It is all about college prep., and getting good scholarships. From what I hear, the hardest part about **** is that, when students get to college, the first year is to easy for them.
I'm in ninth grade. Don't let my age fool you. I was born in *********, and school starts in August. Because of this, I am often a year older than some of my classmates (though they don't know it). Because of the school I am in, and because of my interests and what I have read, I believe that I am on a slightly higher level than most other people my age. The classes I am currently taking are:

I make all As. I refuse to let myself make anything less. After all, nothings better than a GPA above 4.0 .

Hmmm.....Friends. Difficult subject. I'll start at the beginning.
#This section is outdated.#

I have always seemed to make friends easier with people from other countries, not the United States. This was pretty easy to do, because I went to ********* International *******. Just about every international who's father/mother was in the military went here, because it was near ******* ******** Base. Unfortunately, many of these 'internationals' had to leave after a year -- their parents were rotated out of the country. So, from the years of about 1st to 5th grade, I was constantly losing and making new friends. I'd say two friends stayed at my school for the entire five years.
Fifth grade was the hardest, because I made good friends with someone from ********. Unfortunately, they had to move away at the end of the year. Combine that with the fact that I made friends with them at the end of the first semester, and it is easy to tell we didn't have much time to *bond*. His moving away really caused a problem, and I proceeded to become even MORE anti-social than I was in fifth grade.

In sixth grade, my first year of Middle School and changing classes, I made just about no friends. I was too anti-social. And naive. And I really detested some of my classmates. Barely any one knew me, and I was purely academic. Can't remember what I was reading back then, but it was basic stuff. Things everyone was reading (except a few things).
In seventh grade...well, I can't remember seventh grade. I guess it wasn't a big year.
In eighth grade, I started to socialize. I made friends (how interesting -- most of them weren't of my own color!), but not many. And I still held to a short definition of friend, and my 'circle of friendship', or whatever I want to call it. (I essentially believe, that a true friend is someone who "is willing to risk their life to save yours.") I also began to make an impact on the rest of the class, though they didn't make an impact on me. Everyone seemed to learn who I was. Which was a bit unsettling, considering I had no idea who most of the rest of my class were. Eighth grade was also the year I made a big internal change, but I won't talk about that. I'll also put how I changed my 'level' in the Books section. This was the year I started to notice the 'age difference' that made it easier for me to socialize.

Ninth grade...I'm in now. First year of High School and all. I have some friends, but not as many as everyone else seems to have. I feel alone and like no one knows me, because, well, no on does. Only one of my current friends went to my Elementary School. Besides, I don't bother my friends with my personal life or my emotional problems or such. It's a waste.
As I type this, I have NO idea how many friends I have. Not many. But, for me, it seems easier to make friends with people older than me (maybe I'm a little more on their level?). Not VERY older, but a few years older. I know several seniors, and I kinda know some people in college. I may not be friends with them, but it's easier to socialize with them.
I also don't make friends with people in my school, if they are around the same age. Of course, I still have this habit of making friends with people who I never see again and have no chance to talk to. During a ****** camp, I met several people from *********. Doubt I'll ever see them again.

Because of Elementary School, I find it hard to tell who my friends are. Sometimes, if I feel I have to ask, I will say, "May I consider you my friend?" But that is just completely awkward. I don't do it anymore.
If anyone here considers themselves my friend, please PM me informing me of that. Chances are, I either have no clue or are too afraid to ask you.

#This may be outdated# of the worst topics in the world...
My religion...

I honestly am atheist, but I like to call myself agnostic atheist (fancy way of saying an atheist that admits that there is no way to prove either opinion). I follow the idea of rationalism (only believe what you can reason out). I suppose I can be considered partly Jediist, for reasons I may mention later, and I do like Yalortism. I sometimes take ideas from various religions and incorporate them into my opinion(s), but otherwise...I stay away from it.

I am not against religion, per se, but I am against organized religion. All it leads to is problems, wars, and blind followings. Why can't people just think things out for themselves? After all, think of the Christian Church. How many wars has the Christian religion caused? Countless. The Crusades, to name several. And, even worse, people just follow the religion. They don't think. "I believe this because my religion says it is true."

Spoiler for opinions of U.S.A. secularism:

Religions I like for some reason or another:

Greek Mythology (personal hobby, nothing more)
Deism (Realistic theory; I can't/won't argue against their religious view)
Buddhism -- mostly Theravada (no God, doesn't attempt to explain the unexplainable)
Yalortism -- This site has it capitalized wrong (Religion created by the founder of this site...not a bad choice!)

#This section is abandoned#
Well, I am an introvert. I have many of the characteristics of introverts, including emotional sensitivity, creativity, want to be alone, etc. I would type more here, but I am currently reading a book on introversion. I will update this section after I finish reading the book, or as I am reading it a second time.

This section will list some simple statements I have discovered about myself. Under each statement will be a spoiler describing what I mean.

*My life is bland and colorless.*

*I hide in books to take refuge from the world.*

*Dreams are the high point of my 24 hour period.*

*The only way I can relax is by working.*

I am of the opinion that books can teach lessons (namely Michael Crichton books). I will post the lessons here, in spoilers and quotations, once I finish my evaluations.

_Name Colo(u)r_

_Funny Quotes_
I'll put some when I, well, have some.
I wonder if I can put quotes in spoiler tags?

_Fighunter Cultural Examples_
Here are some examples of fighunter that I am storing, for some reason.
Spoiler for Inside Jokes:

UPDATE 2014/8/15:
I have decided to put my stats on my bio, since they aren't accessible otherwise:

UPDATE 2014/11/30:
Add "&tab=[name of tab]" to the end of a url to get to your tabs.
Thanks Scintilla!