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Personal Info

Location:Australia Australia
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral

Contact Info

Website:Go away.
AIMDefinitely not.


  • You
  • Music
  • Tildes~
  • Good grammar
  • Passive-aggressive bitterness
  • My duck


  • Inanity
  • Know-it-alls
  • Semicolons used incorrectly
  • Bad grammar
  • Guns
  • Other ducks

Mental Irregularities

  • I'd rather not talk about what's wrong with me because it seems like it encourages people to think of themselves as "different" and "never able to fit in" whereas most of us (not all, but most) are just afraid of ever actually trying.

  • Also I'm a kitty.


I'm Varyx. Pleased to meet you.

In case you don't know this - I'm a mean horrible sarcastic person who can't understand how other people wouldn't take my comments in the way that they were intended. Oh no.

Here is my duck: [LINK]

I'm currently studying music at university, and have a partner who I care about deeply even though we can't be together as much as I would like. My favourite feeling in the world is probably when I'm alone and remember how amazing it is that I'm here, alive and well, and that there's music in the world.

I'm synaesthetic... which isn't really super interesting, probably.

I edit reviews. Your review will be published faster if you nag me about it. (That might not be true, but spellchecking it BEFORE you submit it will get it on the fast track.)

Here are some grammar rules:

- it's and its are not interchangeable. "it's dog was a nice dog ok" means "it is dog was a nice dog ok". Nope. Not okay. Equally, "its a cold day" means "the cold day belonging to it".

-there/their/they're. They're in their tent, over there.

-Affect/effect. You affect something to produce an effect.

-Writing sentences with three or more clauses separated by commas is not pretty and you would not talk like that in real life. You can avoid this by learning to use semicolons! Yay!

-Semicolons: The rules are here- [LINK] - and they're simple once you get used to them.

Here are some tips on making your review more interesting:

-For the love of God, don't start out with;

This game was nice.
I liked this game because the _____ was nice. It was a nice game.
This was a good game! You should play this game because it had very good [graphics/sound/storyline etc].

These make your review sound like a junior school book report.

Say something other than "I gave this rating because this happened." Don't exaggerate ratings just because you haven't given anything a green yet- make sure you actually believe it's worth the rating you give.

This is just a personal one, but don't review MARDEK. There have been far too many reviews of it already.

Try and put some personality into it! Draw odd comparisons! Tell us that this game was worse than the time your dog ate your copy of Super Smash Brothers! O_o

Though I encourage personality, anecdotes about your own life are inappropriate and mostly irrelevant. Reviews shouldn't really be focusing on you most of the time; they should be looking at the gameplay through your eyes. It's a subtle difference, but it's there.

Thanks for writing reviews! 99% of your reviews will be acceptable quality as long as you follow these guidelines; they'll be better than acceptable if you put some effort into it.