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Location:United States United States
Ethnicity:Caucasian American
Alignment:Chaotic Good

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  • Reading
  • Visual arts and drawing
  • Music
  • Making friends, socializing, unity
  • Roleplaying
  • Individualism and Freedom
  • Sarcasm
  • Philosophy
  • Science


  • Stereotypes
  • War and Violence in general
  • Greed
  • Conformity
  • Profanity and Chatspeak
  • Arrogance and Close-mindedness
  • Conflict
  • Narcissism

Mental Irregularities

  • Glossophobia
  • General Teenage Angst


You probably don't see me often.

Anyway, I decided to update my bio AGAIN, for the billionth time I think, and the first time in ages. I won't be descriptive, extravagant, grandiose, pretentious, etc. at all compared to my older updates, because nobody will pay any attention to it, or care, for that matter.

Clogorka is a sixteen year old teenage girl with interests in art, music, and games, obviously. She joined this site on the March of 2008, discovering it through Pseudolonewolf's DeviantART page. She enjoys reading, playing video games, listening to music, creating art, and writing bios about herself in the third person (how full of myself I am! o_O). How exciting. After numerous grand and fantastic episodes on this site (and beyond) she can't be bothered to elaborate on, she now resides in the depths of high school.

Clogorka is now generally a lurker on this site that doesn't read or post in the forums anymore. However, she does make occasional posts in the music and art sections of the site. She is also found in the shoutbox at times. Not that it matters. She isn't a particularly interesting person to talk to.

The last major update was September 4, 2010.