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Location:United States United States
Ethnicity:White (Very)
Alignment:True Neutral

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  • Genetics
  • Psychology
  • Shade
  • Music! Of most varieties!
  • Shade
  • Cholerics
  • Phlegmatics
  • Notepad
  • I Wanna Be The Guy
  • Videogame music!


  • Vegans
  • Crazy religious people
  • People
  • Overly emotional people
  • People who follow trends
  • People again
  • Light
  • Auto formatting
  • Calling Zelda an RPG (other than Zelda 2)
  • Tied notes in music

Mental Irregularities

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Probably! (Very Probably)
  • Misanthropy (But does that really belong in this section? Probably not)



If anyone can find me a Chiptune editor, I'd be grateful for that.

This isn't really a bio...more of a mishmash of randomness.

Hello! I'm terrible at introductions! Let's move on!

I'm , and so far, the only person of that temperament who I have ever met. I fit the description completely, from the sealed off and Spock-like emotions (yet, of my inner friends (yes, they have rankings) I seem to be the most social!), to the entirety of the "emotion = weakness" views of my temperament. I try to avoid acting like this, but to me, people constantly showing their emotions just seems to create unnecessary drama! Suck it up! Nonetheless, I still have my outbursts of emotion, but I do seriously feel like I'm weak after I do that, like everyone is judging me, and whatnot. So yes, that. As a side note, Water seems to essentially be Choleric/Phlegmatic, as we are calm, but quite tempestuous as well! I also consider myself a misanthrope, for reasons I am reminded of whenever I forget.

Spoiler for Personality Test Thingy I Took:

I've got a couple of nicknames, including:

Rating Orb TTophat: [LINK]
Rating Orb WhoamI: (I've been asked to take this down by him)
Rating Orb Ratul: [LINK]
Rating Orb Omnomynous: [LINK] (He insists I link to THIS, too: [LINK] )
Rating Orb Colev: [LINK]
Rating Orb β SavageWolf: [LINK]
Rating Orb raventhefree: [LINK]
Rating Orb ChikinNuggit: [LINK]
Rating Orb Leaf7634: [LINK]
Rating Orb Xaidread: [LINK]
Rating Orb Dreecal: [LINK]
Rating Orb split9102: [LINK]
Rating Orb Flemdog42: [LINK]
Rating Orb casnat: [LINK]

Rating Orb Hash: "That's the point of friends TTophat. You can do crap to them and they stay by your side :}"

Rating Orb Unregisterd: "This girl was really popular and well-liked...[LINK]"
Rating Orb Turtlebug: "Ooh, her avatar is pretty"
Rating Orb Turtlebug: "I mean, uh, [insert intelligent conversation here]"

Rating Orb Turtlebug: "I barely wear anything at home. o.o'' "
Rating Orb Shatter: "*drools*"
Rating Orb Shatter: "Oh wait, you are 13! No drool! No drool!"

Rating Orb PIPPINTOOK: "My empathy is good only for those that deserve it."

"◊ Female Lifeform #5083 PhD merrily kicks E Male Lifeform #2742 PhD into the scary Male Lifeform #904 PhDing chat using a Female Lifeform #9170 PhDing Male Lifeform #6738 PhD." - CtG's entry message while Pseudo was messing with things.

"◊ Sliced bread is the best thong since Rating Orb Flemdog42"
Rating Orb Flemdog42: "Dangit, why is 'i' so close to 'o'?!"

Rating Orb ScintillaTinge: "*runs around naked, on CtG's suggestion*"

Rating Orb SAPPHIROS: "The point is, what are you gonna do about it?! Huh! I can say, 'Zelda is an awesome action/adventure game,' and you can't change it. Unless you edit the HTML or Javascript or whatever."

Artistic Endeavors
I've begun composing music...or at least stealing it.
Gerudo Valley
Someone's Theme
Battle Theme (All three of these songs are now gone, as the Youtube account vanished and the files were lost)
Progress: [LINK] (The source file can be downloaded here: [LINK] It's only compatible with the editor below)

The program used for these songs, can be downloaded here: [LINK]

I have read too many webcomics (and blogs). Here's a list. And an * means that the webcomic has ended. These are organized into the following categories.

Type 1: Joke a day style comics, with no or few recurring characters.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal [LINK]
xkcd [LINK]
Rare Candy Treatment [LINK]
IDK comics [LINK]
Invisible Bread [LINK]
Cyanide and Happiness [LINK]
Bug [LINK]

Type 2: Comics with a regular cast, but essentially no 'story'. The humour is usually derived from the characters themselves, rather than anything else. Still largely joke a day, though they may have brief story arcs. Most newspaper comics would probably be this.
Rooster Teeth Comics [LINK]
Brawl in the Family [LINK]
Worst of the Time Lords [LINK]
VG Cats [LINK]
Awkward Zombie [LINK]
Nerf NOW!! [LINK]

2.5: Some comics just can't decide, having a number of standalone strips, as well as a large number of story arcs.
Sandra and Woo [LINK]
Head Trip [LINK]

Type 3: Comics with an actual story, but the focus is still on the joke. Instead of one long story, it may be separated into several arcs.
Uh-Oh, it's a Dinosaur [LINK]
Super Effective [LINK]
Leftover Soup [LINK]
Sore Thumbs [LINK]
Modest Medusa [LINK]
Octopus Pie [LINK]
User Friendly [LINK]

3.5: These comics are a bit hard to place in either 3 or 4.
1/0* [LINK]
8-bit Theater* [LINK]

Type 4: These comics focus on the story, instead of the joke, and may be more akin to actual comic books.
DreamKeepers Prelude [LINK]
95 Gallons* [LINK]
Captain Stupendous* [LINK]
Mushroom Go [LINK]
Lackadaisy [LINK]
Spinnerette [LINK]
Homestuck [LINK]
The Ten Doctors* [LINK]
Goblins [LINK]
Miamaska [LINK]
The Adventures of Dr.McNinja [LINK]
Monster Pulse [LINK]
Dead Winter [LINK]
Luciefer [LINK]
El Goonish Shive [LINK]
Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun [LINK]
Minion Comics [LINK]
Collar 6 (NSFW) [LINK]
Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name [LINK]
Problem Sleuth: [LINK]
Boxer Hockey: [LINK]
Vampire Cheerleaders: [LINK]

Blogs: Not really a webcomic, but these specific ones have a number of webcomic-esque auras.
Tailsteak's Blog (Most mini-series of the blog would be type 4) [LINK]
Hyperbole and a Half [LINK]

That's 48 in all.

No Room For Magic (Probably not going to start this one again unless I do it for the sake of finishing it)
Penny Arcade

Things I'll read eventually:
Phil Likes Tacos
The Irregular Webcomic
Questionable Content