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Location:Poland Poland
Religion:my own?
Alignment:Neutral Good

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  • niceness
  • humour (thus Pratchett\\\'s books)
  • originality
  • good games
  • video games music
  • rolled RPGs (and computer too, but rolled more)
  • undeads ^^
  • cephalon


  • prejudices and stereotypes
  • I-Know-Everything sort of people
  • trolls
  • gruesome scenes, hence also screamers

Mental Irregularities


Well, what to say... I'm quite cheerful person and I always try to look on the bright side of life (I don't consider myself as the most fortunate person on the world, though).

I like playing computer games as well as creating them (I couldn't finish most of my projects, though, because I have too many ideas and before I finish one I start another; I create them not in Flash but in Game Maker 8, which maybe doesn't give so many possibilities as regular programming, but makes it relatively faster to develop, I think). I also like video games music, especially from Final Fantasy (this composed by Nobuo Uematsu, I haven't heard many other composers' tracks) and Castlevania. Right, I also like to listen to some Pseudo's games soundtrack, mainly from MARDEK and Raider Zero.

I repeat myself when in distress.
I'm proud to announce that I've managed to get 21-posts long lag on chat (I mean, one message was posted 21 times due to single PostShout Error). It's great, isn't it? I'm totally thankful for my Internet provider for that!!1
Update [04.04.2011] (yes, American dating format, of course!)
35. The message was:
Also, it would be nice if Pseudo had added the system to prevent posting the same thing over and over. ^^'.
(much, much later update, sometime: record was 70; I don't remember what was the message, though)

--- EDITED 20.02.2012 (American dating format too!!1) ---
Well... it seems that my bio is getting more and more messy! What am I supposed to do now?
...Yay! :D


If you were to assign each temperament to each season, what would be your choice? (like, winter: , spring: , summer: , autumn: )
Total votes: 25
Winter: - 5 (20%); - 13 (52%); - 2 (8%); -5 (20%); Dominant temperament:
Spring: - 2 (8%); - 2 (8%); - 10 (40%); - 11 (44%); Dominant temperament:
Summer: - 14 (56%); - 1 (4%); - 2 (8%); - 8 (32%); Dominant temperament:
Autumn: - 4 (16%); - 9 (36%); - 11 (44%); - 1 (4%); Dominant temperament:

People who voted (in alphabetical order):
Rating Orb Ares, Rating Orb Corelis, Rating Orb Dreamgawd, Rating Orb Dreecal, Rating Orb Drostie, Rating Orb Eventua, Rating Orb Flemdog42, Rating Orb Hash, Rating Orb E β Hassanico, Rating Orb Leaf7634, Rating Orb Mania, Rating Orb megabdi, Rating Orb Neah, Rating Orb Omnomynous, Rating Orb Ooneykcall, Rating Orb raventhefree, Rating Orb RickyProduction, Rating Orb β SavageWolf, Rating Orb β Sunflower, Rating Orb TASIP, Rating Orb TheMightierWolf, Rating Orb Tripledot, Rating Orb β WillAlvein, Rating Orb Wylh, Rating Orb Zaknafein


My favourite word is "Indeed" (and my favourite punctuation marks are parentheses).

When you type on keyboard, it's easy to mistake aww with see.

If you don't know what was the inspiration for Earth element symbol, click this [LINK]. It's the GROUND symbol in electricity. Amazing, isn't it? (Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf actually denied seeing it before, but everybody knows he's such a liar!!1!11)


Rating Orb ScintillaTinge entry message (when Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf was playing with filters):
◊ 4 ch4troom c4lls/"☺nt☺r th☺s☺ h4lls/Sho|___|ldst tho|___| f☺☺l th☺ tw1ng☺/Of |___|nr☺pr☺ssèd BONGGGG!!or☺dom,/M1ss (|___|)."
Rating Orb Kobiwan97's Perfect Math Class:
1 km=1000 m=100cm=10dm=1mm


Sunny flowery: Green, Water
My first colour scheme. Works well with my first avatar, sunflower from Plants vs Zombies.

Non-Rating Orb Corelis Thaumaturgy: Green, Thauma
Made after finding out that I and Corelis had the same colour scheme.

Oranges: Orange, Earth
The fact that Esoto likes oranges has nothing to do with this colour scheme. We are totally not participating in the Floral Conspiracy!
Also, the main reason I've chosen this colour scheme is that it worked well with a cute pink bunny from Braid avatar.

Perfect Cheery Blossom: Pink, Fig
I've changed to this colour scheme after I posted link to some scary music on chat. Rating Orb β WillAlvein suggested me to change my scheme to something darker, to point my dark personality, so here it is! Pink is truly colour of darkness, gloom and evilness, indeed!!1
At the beginning I used it with a cute pink bunny avatar, though I've switched it after playing some Touhou games. Firstly I wanted to change to Sakuya Izayoi, but she told me she'll knife me if I do that (*sob, sob*), so I finally changed it to Shanghai, one of Alice Margotroid's dolls. It's still cute, though, and it even looks unexpectedly well with this pink colour.

Immaterial and Rising Flower: Blue, Earth
Changed to this one after I've got a new avatar with Shanghai from Immaterial and Missing Power. She is soo cuute! ♥