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Location:Australia Australia
Religion:Lapsed RC.
Alignment:Lawful Good

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Mental Irregularities


So... about me. This will be difficult.

I guess I'll start with my interests? I enjoy listening to music of most kinds, besides 'heavier' sorts of 'rock' and 'metal'. I like to sing and am fairly okay at it, and I'm learning to play the guitar so I can accompany myself. I play piano and saxophone as well. I enjoy solitary physical exercise, like running, but not gyms. I find the atmosphere distasteful.

I'm a bit of a loner; I spend most of my time playing music, reading or just 'chilling'. I haven't yet had a girlfriend, though I find it easy enough to talk to females. Mostly, I lack the inclination, as it were.

Anyway. I live in Australia, but I've a dual citizenship with the USA. Not really a fan of their policies, but I don't mind them as a nation. But that isn't me, is it...

At the start of next year, I'm going to university, but I'm worried about how I'll do... I tend towards sloth. I'm a lazy person, and I'm worried that my own lack of motivation will cripple me in my study. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to the social aspects. I've never really met any people that i really 'clicked' with, I suppose, and I'm hoping that I'll find people with similar inclinations as me.

I'm fairly politically motivated, and I'm planning on taking a course in Political Science. I would describe myself as an economic socialist, or a 'Social Democrat'. That ties in fairly well with the (stated) aims of one of Australia's two major political parties. But I don't like the environmentalist groups. The Australian Greens I think are fairly hypocritical, and organisations like Greenpeace I find despicable. I'm not a fan of the 'celebrities' who endorse environmental or social goods. Or celebrities in general, for that matter.

I find the 'Americanisation' of culture to be disturbing on several levels; that the political encroachment of Americanism upon the world to be a contradictory stance, in that they claim to be everything and then turn out to be nothing. I detest the corruption of language; it shows to me an atrocious lack of 'care' that society has for its most important feature. I value correct grammar and spelling above almost all else, and often come across as arrogant as a result. (That said, I do have a tendency to abuse semicolons).

I lack confidence, but my self-esteem is fairly high. I have the drive and idealism to try and sway people to my point of view, but I often give up early, saying that I can't be bothered. I'm highly intellectual, and I very rarely get into an argument that I cannot win, either through true factual evidence or through half-truths. Usually, the latter are merely for personal amusement. I take things seriously, although I don't get affected when I get insulted; the phrase 'water off a duck's back' comes to mind. I often can't be bothered eating; it isn't a disorder as much as simple forgetfulness.
I probably have low-level Asperger's Syndrome.

(What else do I put here?)

Well, I can't think of anything else. So. 'that's all, folks'.