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Location:United States United States
Alignment:Chaotic Good

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  • music
  • art
  • computers
  • music again
  • doctor who
  • Muse/Radiohead
  • Rolling Stones
  • Beatles
  • Matt Bellamy/Thom Yorke
  • Music cubed


  • morons
  • politicians
  • when blondes go on.... and on.... and on
  • being politically correct

Mental Irregularities

  • I have self diagnosed myself as having OCD, having an unnatural attraction to even stacks of just about anything.
  • The avolition is great in this one. I find myself constantly putting things off and never finishing projects that I started. This is actually a problem for me and I'm hoping I can get it together before I head off to college next year (although I'm only going for computer science so it shouldn't be too hard... right?)


Music is pretty much the one word description of myself. Politically im a republican slated independent, but i find almost all politicians to either be morons or looking for self profit. Most of my time is spent playing sax or clarinet, my favorite band's Radiohead. If you wanted to know me in a nutshell just stop here.

Experience wise, i'm going to be a college freshmen (finally finished with my load of AP classes!). I've traveled through Europe playing various shows with other musicians. My greatest accomplishments would probably be my recieving the John Phillip Sousa Award, and that I was ranked one of the best clarinetists of my age group in Pennsylvaina. I've had several surgeries on my nose after breaking it seven years ago. The hope is that i can use more that 2% of my right airway once this last surgery heals up (December 18 2010). So far looking good six months later. And two months after that

Spiritually, I'm not sure if I can classify myself as any religion, I want to be Christian, but to tell the truth i'm probably agnostic. I have thought it over time and time again, only to come to the conclusion that there must be a superior being that started everything, because for life to create itself is rediculous, but the nature of this being cannot be known, and nothing anyone says can change my mind without any proof. My ideal afterlife is pretty much outlined by Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy. Just the thought of an afterlife is enough for me, the idea of nothingness after death is my hell.

My absolute biggest pet peeve is when someone joins a political party without knowing why, then defends it till death. Here's an example: Seth became a republican after finding out that his parents are republicans. When the topic of politics came up in school he would shoot down the prospect of any other view being correct, while not being able to defend his claims. These are the people who ruin a political party's image. I used to consider myself completely republican, but after sitting down and looking at all sides, I realized that there were parts of both parties that I agreed with and I was able to create my ideal, realistic government.

My dream would be to start everything over with what i know now. Change my mistakes and define myself in a better manner. I wouidn't get tired of life, because life is beauty and art. It never expires in its wonderfulness. (there's my poetic statement of the day)

My pass times include, as I stated earlier, playing music (prefferably jazz along with my recordings of Gordon Goodwin), hanging out with friends, or randomly traveling across the internet. I'm never found without my precious iPod touch, which I somehow manage to fill after getting 32gb.

I could go on, but i'd say that, if i hadn't already, it would only serve to bore you. This is who I am. If anyone would like to chat feel free to PM me.