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Location:Canada Canada
Alignment:Chaotic Good

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  • Elementals
  • Time travelling
  • Reading
  • Inventing
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Magic
  • Autumn
  • Girls
  • Open minded people


  • Flammers
  • Hate
  • People thinking themselves perfect.
  • Sports
  • Immaturity
  • Wasting my time
  • Being Lazy
  • Winter
  • Exploits & Hacks
  • Arguing

Mental Irregularities


I am the Tratos.
Nicknamed Maximus Tratos. Real name? A real mystery.
Fourteen years old, yet more mature than the average teen.
Rather tall for someone of my age. Around 5'10/11''
I weight around 145 lbs. Rather heavy, but well.
I do not have the shape of an adonis and I do not care. I am not a pig either.
My hairs turned black when they used to be light brown.
My eyes though, always have been the same, boring brown.

I am a spirit.
Apparently my dual element is LOGIC, by combining EARTH and FIG together.
I am a alignment and temperament. Apparently.
I do not believe in any god, and never will.
I am a casual roleplayer, and find myself excellent in it.
I may look arrogant, but trust me, I am not.
I do not have any mental Irregularities.

I am an artist.
I draw good, but I am not the best you may know.
I am an excellent singer, I have been part of chorus in my school.
I sometimes write fictions, mostly fantasy, sci-fi or romance.
I used to play music but lost most of my skill in it.

I am alive.
I am the type of guy that prefer having a few good friends rather than lots of people liking me.
I often fell in love foolishly, but never found the one willing to share with me.
I have a loving family, although they happen to be stupid.
I would say that I have maybe 10 friends only which I share my life with almost everyday.

Even if this world is so chaotic and confused, I learned to deal with it.