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I'd honestly be quite surprised if someone were reading this. The bio for an unremarkable member of a dead site? Hardly engrossing. Still, felt like updating the old thing. It has been 4 years, 8 months, and 20 days since the last time I did so, after all.

I'm afraid I can't think of much to say about myself. Tall, white, blond, balding and bearded. Computer science student. Fondness for video games and their soundtracks. Probably have some form of depression.

I'm not nearly as wordy as I used to be, as I'm sure you've noticed.

And here is my old bio. I would delete the cringeworthy thing, but I can't be bothered.

Well, hey there! Update for my fifteenth birthday today, March 5th. Well, I've officially celebrated a birthday on the site. Yay. I'll be somewhat updating my profile just for the occasion. Oh, here's one: please listen to this song. It's the Agnus Dei set to Barber's Adagio for Strings, and purely choral. It is, in my opinion, the most beautiful and touching piece of music I have ever heard, and that would be my opinion even if Relic didn't make the very, very good decision to include it in Homeworld, one of my favorite games. Also, I have recently discovered this, Marble Hornets. It fits into the Slenderman mythos and will keep you awake nights. Just saying. Quite good though.

[LINK] This is mah utubes. There's nothing there yet. I'm TRYING to upload a TF2 replay, but it doesn't seem to be working.

I'll probably be rewriting this over the summer. (Apparently not.) Depending on how the transfer goes, though, I may NEED to rewrite it for the new site! Ah... I'm going to miss this ol' site...

Just to have this down somewhere, I joined the site on August 2nd of 2010.

Um. I'm a tactical/rpg gamer and no longer superliterate compared to my peers, as I've moved to a much better high school (I take college classes...), but I am still an avid reader. I'm a Californian teen of mainly Scots/British/that whole area descent in the Central Valley. I'm a great fan of classic anything: music, movies, BOOKS, certain games even in their own way, whether digital or board or other. If 'Tactician' was a class, that'd be me in an instant.

By the way, if Pseudo reads this, or if he doesn't, oh well: Congratulations! Great job with everything you've done here!... which is far more than I give most people. I'm sparing with my compliments. On the topic of this site, I try to take the role I adopt here seriously. I try to think things out, do my best to be a diplomat when discussions get heated. I appreciate the chance to engage in discussions with people who, even if they don't share my opinions, are capable of intelligent conversation - I find the such few and far between beyond the bounds of this site. Sadly. I would like to moderate, as it's what I do in real life, but I don't know how well I would do. That'll be your decision. I have recently noticed that I tend to try to post too much, rather than every time a SERIOUS conversation comes up, and I usually can't support a long post. Curse the (very brief and 'lulz' and all that) society I grew up in! Grr.

I've been an avid reader all my life, and a fair gamer since I was 9 or 10. I've always preferred scenarios where something sets the situation apart from absolute modern-day normal, which I find as being as boring as all get out (Angsty-high-schooler/romance/adventures-of-whoever-doing-mundane-things) because you can see it around you all the time. In short, it has to be science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, or set at least 50 years ago. It all started with War of the Worlds at an early age. Literature is such a gift for personal advancement and enjoyment; I think it a tragedy so many people never even try to read the old masterworks because they disparage their own abilities for comprehension (the 'No, I'm too stupid for that, sorry' attitude).

I've generally preferred classical music over the rest, although I do listen to some modern music and some Celtic; I disapprove of most modern music, the grungy, noisy types, and rap is a horror. I do think the Beatles were wonderful, and you do get some gems from modernity, like the music Nobuo Uematsu did for most of the Final Fantasies, Koji Kondo for Zelda, Paul Ruskay for Homeworld...

Gaming generally is split between Valve games, Starcraft, Advance Wars, Homeworld, Fire Emblem, Zelda, and the first eight Final Fantasies. I prefer those games that focus on strategy and tactics rather than an itchy trigger finger, which is part of why I admire MARDEK so much: a good turnbased system. The feeling of a well-performed trap set up against a superior force...! Don't get me wrong, though, I hate war in reality, I simply love the mind games that would be involved in war, hence all the strategy gaming. And the military gets the best toys; I admire the engineering, if not the purpose.

I generally tend to be a little out of sorts around too many other people, although I can be fairly comfortable with friends. I prefer being alone most of the time, except maybe for cats. I tend to be a peacekeeper, and try to help people when I can, although actually being in company with other individuals tends to make me rather uncomfortable. I will step in if I see something seriously wrong happening, but try to stay out of the way of sociality, and tend to come off as a little cold. People have this annoying habit of trying to get to know me, annoying because I don't really want it and don't know how to handle that situation. I also have a tendency to get a little sick in places where many people have been recently, or still are.

In terms of temperament, I have to say I'm a diehard melancholic, with a choleric/phlegmatic secondary (though recently I've decided that choleric is rather stronger than phlegmatic in me), and view logic as supreme; as such, I ususally don't get many friends because they can't break through the apathetic shell I have around my base personality. It does happen occasionally, more often now that I'm at a school with people who actually care about education and share other interests of mine; and once I make a friend, I can be the silliest person in the world. I'm kind of a lighter version of Squall, if you've played FF8. If someone shows me real proof of aliens, or the Loch Ness Monster, or God in any form, I will believe it, although I am too skeptical to believe most 'proofs' that supporters offer up, especially as most views of that sort (particularly religion) are unfounded belief. Skeptical and curious, is me in a nutshell. I don't look like the cold stereotype in post, but that's because it's post! It's the Internet! Not really me if you actually walk up to me! Hence the exclamations here!

MONTY PYTHON! Random shout for a wonderful and intelligent comedy group. Also, I've started doing their sketches as humorous and duo interpretations for my speech and debate class when I'm caught off-guard by a tournament and need something I already know. "Lake? You were lucky to 'ave a lake! There were a hundred 'n fifty of us living in a shoebox inthe middle of the road."

I am perfectly fine with people believing whatever they want, as long as they do not seek to hinder the logical advancement of the human race or attempt to convert people to their views. Hence, radical Islam, or political Christians, and other such groups. Only logic, working for common conceptions of what is right, should be allowed in politics. Logic and openmindedness are the only supremes. If there is a heaven, for me, it would be, simply put, an interface with the infinite. (I am actually a member of a Christian family, and I know them as well as I should; they are generally highly intelligent, and my father is one of the wisest people I know. It's just that my core beliefs on which all the rest of my reasoning and belief is based is slightly different than theirs.) Any of this could change, of course, if I get concrete reasons for them to change. On a related note, I have recently come out about my atheist-agnostic standing to my parents, who were even more understanding and accepting than I had expected.

On a lighter note, the only TV shows I seriously watch are Doctor Who, Stargate, Farscape, Mythbusters, and recently the old M*A*S*H series. I think Douglas Adams is (was) amazing, along with the Beatles; they, and many, many others throughout history, are among the legions of great people to have come out of Britain, England, the U.K., whatever you wish to call it.

I go to a school that offers all of its classes as Honors or AP, and college classes. By the time you finish senior year, you are generally supposed to have finished the fully-transferable equivalent of two years of college education. The students there are generally very driven and intellectual, at least compared to the other schools I've seen before. It runs on a charter, although it is technically part of the city school district.

I am a troper, and one who has learned from his mistakes in this thread. I was being an inexperienced git. My apologies.

I'm rather tall and rather thin for my age, and I am blond. My voice, as well as my mental voice (you know, what it sounds like if you think or read in a voice, an imagined sound?) is far from fixed. For whatever reason, it skips around from the Californian I was born and raised with, the Deep South (USA) that I've heard in real life but never been to, and things that I suppose sound vaguely like (but I have never spoken to many with the accent{s}, or been there, to my chagrin) Scottish, proper British English, and some bizarre Aussie-Cocknie-that sort of thing voice. They are all influenced slightly by David Tennant's speaking style as the Tenth Doctor. And the thing is, I do them all naturally. One explanation I've found for this recently that may or may not be correct is that I incorporate the different voices that I hear, but New York punches a hole in that... I hear it all the time, and I cannot do a New Yorker accent for my life. As for why I am telling you this, there were a few threads recently about voice-acting Mardek... PLEEEEEEASE!!! - ahem. Ah, yes. That would be a wonderful thing if I could be a part of that if it ever happens. Then again, I would like to hear what my voice actually sounds like first...

Now that I have some friends on he site, time for a 'Friends' List. Oh joy. Just Rating Orb MrMars, Rating Orb ChaoticBrain, and Rating Orb Flemdog42 for now... and other people on the site who I like, but don't really know too well (looking at you, Rating Orb david s).

I actually feel more at home on this site than in living company, for the most part... and,