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Location:United States United States
Religion:Anglican Christian
Alignment:Lawful Good

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Mental Irregularities


It's 2017 and I'm a different person now. While I definitely had excellent taste in post colors, I find it strange to read my messages. It's unbelievable that I ever wrote them. I can even see that I fell for the trap of believing that the internet is private, when it never has been, it's just that my voice isn't likely to reach many others. Perhaps it will someday. Perhaps nobody will ever care. Either way, I think I'll leave my old "About You" text below.

Keeping that grudge in the first place was really childish now that I remember it.
I am the type of person that one might find at the edge of a party... I'll come, but I won't do anything social unless someone comes over and asks me nicely. It's not that I don't enjoy socializing (I do come to the party after all) I just don't instigate it.

I criticize myself almost constantly, usually while thinking about something else at the same time. One such thing that I criticize myself about is that I have held a grudge since pre-school against someone whose face I have forgotten.

I am not the type of person who would reveal this sort of thing about myself, these are 'secrets.' The only reason I am putting this here is that no-one here knows me.