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Location:Slovakia Slovakia
Religion:The Wolfism
Ethnicity:West Slavic
Class:Elite Gamer
Alignment:Neutral Good

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  • My Bozidara.
  • Bricks
  • Soda
  • Meat
  • Canines
  • That GOD. DAMN. AHNAHMAHL!!!!!!
  • BDSM
  • Stuffing Sausages
  • Bleach(Anime)


  • When Flies go into my ears.
  • Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z
  • People who hate those who are different.
  • My eczema
  • When that gahd dahm ahnahmahl burns mah bahgers.
  • [PROFANITY]ing Philosophy!!!!1!111!!!!!
  • KAME... HAME.... HA!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mortech & Hoolo
  • When my beverage is gone.

Mental Irregularities

  • Mental Disorders
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Phobias
  • Pyrophobia - Fear of Fire and/or being burned.
  • Aichmophobia - Fear of sharp objects, like razors, and knives.
  • Paraphilias
  • Pygophilia - Sexual attraction to buttocks.
  • Mammaphilia - Sexual attraction to breasts.
  • BDSM - 'Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism,' fetish that normally consists of tying oneself or others up and going through unusual rituals in a Dominant/Submissive form.


I was born on October 24th, 1996. I am #7784 on the member's list. I am, sadly, a lustful person, and often wonder how my first experience with my fetish will go down... But don't let that stop you from talking to me. I'm still quite the person to speak to.

My Avatar
My avatar is a character from this short- yet humorous- video.

The Fighunter Family
The Fighunter Family is basically the entire site. The number of people whom have joined is nearly reaching 10,000. Due to the still-growing populous, and the upcoming Migration, I figured this would help people feel more attached to one another during the Migration.
Anyone who joins Fighunter community is a part of the family, excluding banned members, as listed below:

Spoiler for 'Disowned' Members(INCOMPLETE):

Spoiler for 'Deceased' Members(INCOMPLETE):

Spoiler for Members who are 'On Vacation'(INCOMPLETE):


As you see in my hates list, I loathe the ratings system on this site. Mainly because it is abused towards me and a few other people whom I will not name. As an example, when I make a post in the forums or comments on a poll, userpage, blog, et cetera, and said post turns out to be well-said and extremely accurate, it will receive one or two blue orbs at best. However, should I make a short or rude or unhelpful post on something, all of a sudden I receive almost a total of 10 brown orbs and below. It infuriates me because it gives me the impression that I'm seen as a bad person, because my bad posts seem to always receive about x6 the attention of my good ones, which are lucky enough to get even one positive rating. I'm amazed that this isn't regarded as ratings abuse. It may not be rating everything in a black/white attitude, but I still feel it needs to stop. It's not like I'm asking for the reader to give me a green automatically. What I'm trying to say is that if someone's going to give me a brown or below and you already see 2 or more, then don't bother. Or better yet, if you're going to read a good post by me, then actually take a moment to rate it blue, just to balance things more. I know this may sound selfish to you, but it's actually not. I only seek regulation. I keep being told, "You need to quit doing..." Hm. Perhaps some of the people on this site should actually listen to what they tell me and follow their own rules for a chance, that is, to avoid looking like the biggest [PROFANITY]ing intolerant hypocrite that one can imagine.

Imagine if you donated a kidney to a completely random homeless chap, but didn't end up in the paper for being such an angel. But all of a sudden, you kick a random can you see on the ground, and next thing you know you're in prison for littering. Not exactly fair, now, is it? Now try to see the metaphor in that.

List of D Boys(In order of FH Membership)
Rating Orb iamawesome(FONZEE)
Rating Orb Leaf7634(advisor type person)
Rating Orb Destruction(Founder person thing)
Rating Orb david s(The Lord)
Rating Orb LiadyC(High Priestess)
Rating Orb barules(Consigliere)
Rating Orb Starblade(Grand High Arcanist)
Rating Orb AlohaNation(The Bathroom Watcher)
Rating Orb Aqua(The Fighter)
Rating Orb TheMightierWolf(The Deathstalker)
Rating Orb LightningSlash(Grand Adventurer)
Rating Orb Flemdog42(The Chosen One.)
Rating Orb WiiPlayer113(Informant)
Rating Orb InuxMedia's bot, Inuxbot. It said it wanted to join here

List of people I like on here (Companion-wise:)

Rating Orb ScintillaTinge
Rating Orb clogorka
Rating Orb E FoxFirelight
Rating Orb david s

List of people I dislike:
Rating Orb Mortech. Reason: Total hypocrite, being a nuisance to me when I did nothing wrong to him.
Rating Orb Hoolo. Reason: Unnecessarily snippy, rude and sarcastic. I can handle a joke, or a snappy comeback unprovoked, but he just crosses the line.
The Rating Orb β Esoto. Reason: Rude, insensitive, outspokenly disrespectful to anyone who does one thing he dislikes or doesn't agree to.

I worship Rating Orb The Wolf! Come on board if you think he should be praised as well!

Height: 5"11
Weight: 158.2 lbs
Facial Appearance: I'm very attractive. That is, if you like a big, bumpy nose, extremely flabby cheeks and neck, and a rough, pimply face overall, combined with a near-constant scowl.
Facial Hair: I've had a mustache from the age of 12, and have been growing it and shaving it several times. I am starting to grow more and more hair along my jawline and under my chin, however.
Fitness: I have slight moobs, grouped with the fact that I don't exactly eat very healthy and have several allergies, and suffer from motion sickness. However, I have a firm constitution and am quite durable towards pain in my musculoskeletal system, allowing me to do arduous back-breaking labor for a fairly decent period of time.

Social Stuffs
Social Skills: I have poor ones at best. I don't have many friends in the cruel world of adolescence, and I don't think I'm very charming to others, mainly because of my IQ & other stuffs, like drifting off into one-sided conversations.

Coolness: I'm definitely not cool. I am, in fact, probably one of the biggest goofs in town, making everyone around me laugh with a single antic.

I am 80% Slovakian, my grandfather(who I look VERY similar to as a teenager) was German, and my biological father(who is now in prison for reasons I do not want to mention) was heavily Irish, so on a circle graph, Slovakian would definitely take up 80% of the wheel, leaving 7% to German(not 10% because the balance was disrupted when my mother mated, and she was only slightly Irish, so this lead to a slight dominance in the Irish portion of the remaining 20%) with the remaining 13% going to my Irish blood.

Like all of us, I have a fetish. Unlike most people, I'm outspoken about it. It's simply a BDSM fetish. The letters stand for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism. BDSM is basically the enjoyment of binding and/or gagging an individual, using a Master/Slave, or more commonly, a Dominant/Submissive state. Practicing this fetish between two individuals can usually involve "Fantasy Kidnapping," "Playing with the New Toy(s)," or simply having intercourse while one or both of the participants are bound and gagged. There are many different materials that are used for exercising sadistic pleasure that... I'm not going to describe on here. Go look it up somewhere else, you pervert.

Taste in Media
This could be a bit difficult to define.

For music, I prefer many different varieties. But you could say that my least favorite would be modern American Techno, Rap, Reggae, & Death Metal. My favorite bands are currently Breaking Benjamin, Masterplan, Oasis, Beady Eye, Bloc Party, Reel Big Fish, ACDC, I Set My Friends on Fire, Jon Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne.

For anime, I tend to get a bit picky. If I get into an anime, I truly enjoy it. But my favorites would have to be Fullmetal Alchemist(both), Bleach, Spice and Wolf, Zero no Tsukaima, Higashi no Eden, Fairy Tail, Fooly Cooly, Amaenaideyo, Kekkaishi, and the list goes on with a number of which I have a bit of trouble remembering.

For basic cable, I do tend to enjoy watching adult cartoons such as Family Guy or American Dad, but there are others that I enjoy getting a great laugh out of.

For my taste in comedy on the internet, I mainly enjoy Dark humor such as The Annoying Orange, Filmcow Productions, and Neurotically Yours. But I do appreciate pivot sketches, which normally involve stick figures doing insane things. Plus there's Smosh. Gotta love their Smoshy goodness and hilarious exploits.

I am a Scorpio on the Zodiac Circle, so I am therefore a Water-elemental person.

Temperament: I'm a .

Alignment: I am without a doubt , because I do enjoy benefiting others and helping them, but I do not necessarily follow the rules or break them more often than the other.

Independance: I am pretty independant, considering the fact that I have a good, well-paying job, I can cook, clean, and do my schoolwork efficiently. I am the sole source of my funding for dates with my girlfriend, taking her out to not-so-fancy, but still pleasant places to eat. In short, I'm quite independant, because I'm able to take care of myself.

Tolerance: I'm a tad bit average on the scale of tolerance. This is because I can bare the behaviors of others well enough, but there might be a boiling point where I might snap at them for their behaviors and speak at them unpleasantly, mainly for the sake of letting gas out of my arse (metaphorically speaking, of course.)

Niceness: I do seek to please and satisfy people, however, I do not believe that I would derive pleasure from other's misery, despite my sadistic side. I mean, a harmless prank just for a few cheap laughs is fine by me, but I do believe there is such a thing as taking it too far.

Tact: I'm very blunt when I speak. Sometimes this might result in me looking stupid for not fully understanding a joke or being too literal about it, or being outspokenly offensive towards someone else for some unintentionally provocative reason. I tend to be reckless with my choices of words, and this can sometimes get me into a bit of a mess.

Honesty: I might lie to someone every now and again to protect them from something, or maybe to keep them from knowing something I don't want them to know, but I am usually very honest with the people around me, because I do believe that it's important to tell the truth. However, there is a limit.

Sense of Humour: I have a high sense of humour. I can be very witty, finding a way to make a clever pun in a situation that seemed dire and serious. However, I would not do this out of obnoxiousness, but rather just to ease the tension.

Introspection: I know myself quite well. I believe a good way of practicing getting to know yourself is to talk to yourself while looking into a mirror.

Creativity: I am writing a novel right now, and the story is actually quite similar to something I didn't hear of until my school counselor informed me of it. It was Froyd's theory of the human conciousness being split into three parts. In short, since this story is mostly original, on terms of plot, but unoriginal on terms of base, I'd put my creativity level at only an above average, because it's still an original story.

Optimism: I don't necessarily assume everything will be alright all of the time. When I'm feeling confident about something, I normally assume something good is going to happen. However, there are times where I might assume a worst-case scenario. Because of these, my Optimism is of average level.

Throughout my history...
Fish: Many

Felines: 13 in total.(First came Nibbles, a female who would eat anything, then came Snowflake, a shy and evasive cat. One day I accidentally let Snowflake out and she came back several days later, pregnant with five kittens. On the day of birth for them all, we kept them until they were old enough to live without breast-feeding. We kept one, the youngest of them, which was a male we named Midget. He was just as shy as his mother. After moving into a new house a couple years later, Nibbles accidentally got out and came back, pregnant. She had 6 kittens. For some odd reason, Snowflake took one of them when Nibbles wasn't paying attention and hid her in the closet. Poor thing died shortly after and turned out to be born blind. After giving her kittens away once they were old enough, Nibbles got out one night and ran away. After another move the next year or so, Snowflake got out one night through the window and was never seen again. Two years ago, after two more moves, Midget had died near the end of the school year through Kidney failure. He was most likely poisoned when he ate a dead rat in the ventilation system.)

Canines: 2 in total. (The first was CC, which was short for Close Call. She was a female German Shephard, and she was very well-behaved. We had gotten her from a nice elderly couple that felt we could take better care of her than them. After several months, she had died of a liver disease. A couple years later upon my entry into 4th grade, I had gotten another dog. I named him Buddy because of his playful and sunny attitude. He was much less behaved and more destructive than CC. Buddy still lives today, pudgy-which I hope to fix this year- testic-less, and still hyper as ever. But we love him like any member of the family.)


Pride - I'm not exactly the most proud person in the world. I will gladly step down from something or request help, should the situation call for it. But I'm definitely not the type to keep insisting that I'm correct, even when I'm not.

Envy - I'm definitely not the envious type. I don't really desire what others have. I'm perfectly fine with what I've got on my own. For I have a steady job, a beautiful-from-the-inside-out girlfriend, a few lifelong friends, and quite a bit. How could I want what others have when I have everything I already need?

Gluttony - I can be quite the glutton. I can sometimes have poor impulse control around food, though I'm not of an obese build. My BMI is somewhere along the lines of 24.5-25.1, but I do tend to turn into a parasite around food, only I consume rather... quickly.

Greed - I am in no way a greedy person, and I can tell this from fact. I was even offered to capitalize at one point, of course, at the expense of another, but I decided that I would not, had it meant stepping on someone else's life.

Lust - I am, in fact, quite lustful. I think about my BDSM fetish at least once a day, and I often think about having fun with my girlfriend through this fetish. However, I'm not certain if she'd be willing to try it. Therefore, to be on the safe side, I've repressed the urge to ask her.

Sloth - I will not deny that I'm EXTREMELY lazy. I slack off in school work, I slack off in chores, I procrastinate in ideas for projects, and I often feel like sleeping. However, I do my job well mainly because I have to, over wanting to.

Wrath - Well, I don't really have a "short fuse," but there ARE things that do get under my skin. I don't always act on my anger unless driven by passion. In a way, my Slothfulness helps me cope with my anger and make peace.

Grade: 9th
School: Kosice High School
Grades: 80%-100%
Wisdom: I'd say that I'm wise at a 3/7 level. So I do have quite a bit of common sense to not put a plugged-in toaster into my shower, but I'm not always the wisest soul in the bunch.

Mental Abilities
IQ: 106(This would've been much higher, if only I could write faster and neater.)
Others: I do have a habit of finding all the cracks and dents inside of a brick. Not to mention I do believe I might have psychic abilities. This is mainly due to the fact that when I think of a certain joke I saw on television, I later see the source of that joke(IE the episode/movie), and I never even check the schedule.

Relationship Status
Sexuality: Hetero
I am in a relationship with a nice girl in my school. Her name is Bozidara, which is Slovak for "God's Gift". She and I share many of the same interests. We knew we were meant to be when we had our first kiss one night. She's a little shy, and stumbles sometimes on words. I find that cute. Ah, Bozi~