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Personal Info

Location:Chile Chile
Ethnicity:mine too
Class:Fig Hunter
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral

Contact Info

AIMblack talon


  • snow, ice, cold
  • black, dark red, dark blue
  • wind, lightnings, storms, rain, clouds
  • forest, small hills, snow valleys
  • pools, lagoons, the sea, swimming, diving
  • biology, mecanic, bionic, evolution
  • logic, economy, antropology, the art of war
  • martial arts, knives, swords, light armor
  • problem solving, structure analisis, design
  • commitment, vision, strong will, courage


  • sun, heat, bright sunlight
  • yellow, orange, pink
  • sunny days
  • deserts, beaches, dry climates
  • dry, high mountains, coral reefs
  • language, math, quantum physics, history
  • pacifism, music, crowds, loud noises
  • poisons, needdles, stings
  • memorize, team work, bosses
  • dullness, cowardice, closed minds

Mental Irregularities


The following are the basic points of my way of thinking that you may need to know to understand me

"Improbable" by Adam Fawer was a big influence in my life, I recommend you to read it

I don't believe in magic, religions, spiritism, karma, destiny, precognition or omens. If there is any hiden power in this world, I will make it mine

I asume the following axioms to be true:

- Any sentence can be disproved
- Whenever I have to choose between me and someone else, I choose me
- Nothing is imposible, but some events are infinitely improbable
- (Corollary of previous statements) Whatever I believe in is true for me

Like with colors, if you combine all the above you can make a wonderfull picture or a horrible nightmare. It's up to you to asume what I am