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The crowd sits, I stand.

The crowd listens, I dream.

The crowd is stonefaced, I laugh.

I am a streak of orange paint on a black-and-white photograph.

I dare to be different.

I am no one but myself.

NOTE: I'll not take this bio down even if there *is* a new site! D:

And think sincerely about what you rate me. I'll have you know that rating me blue and under will actually decrease my average. That wouldn't be very nice, would it?

And I've been requested to post this on my bio-- [LINK] -- For anyone writing, or trying to, this is advice to help!

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Vote now, and maybe I won't jump on those kittens!

Alright, let's see here... I once had one of the longest bios on Fighunter. I no longer do, due to me deleted the bulk of it since it was wildly innaccurate. I will rewrite it all in a more accurate, mature, and intelligent way. Almost anything you need to know about me is in that short little block of text above. That seems to sum me up rather well. And I am also working on a novel with my friend both in real life and on Fighunter, Rating Orb orcris. It is nearly completed, and when we finally finish, we will release it as an eBook for the Kindle. If we are successful with the eBook, it will later be released as a physical book. And I think of myself as creative and artistic. I often play and compose music, write in my spare time, and draw. A lot. If you'd like to see my mediocre artwork, you can see it here- [LINK] . A new bio and stats are soon to come, so don't worry! :D

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Quote Collection!
This is where I will store memorable chat quotes for the enjoyment of all!

Rating Orb Drostie- The cosmos is full beyond measure, of elegant truths, of exquisite interrelationships, of the awesome machinery of nipples.

Rating Orb Mania- Hmm, George Bush without a shirt! :D


Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf- You will be able to search for people based on breast size and nothing else.
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf- The options will be "large," "very large," and "other."

Rating Orb Alphanumerical- Gay porn robots.

Rating Orb orcris- Lets just hope we aren't pushed into testing and cybersex by the nyans.

Rating Orb Starblade-  Flem, if you want to feel tingly, go hit puberty.

Rating Orb ! Rabidhura- Flying Goat Coffee ... Wig Bowls? Goat Wig Coffee Bowls?


Rating Orb Mania- Pseudo=The Devil. It all makes sense now...

Rating Orb Alphanumerical- *cough*Wereallvirgins*cough

Rating Orb ChikinNuggit- Hello, Flemmy. Haven't splung with you in a few weeks.

Rating Orb MAd Phantom- Just lick his facial hair.

Rating Orb Psychopath194- * Imagine's myself in miniskirt* I'm so going to get a miniskirt.

Rating Orb Mania- Unicorns can lick my mother's hairy legs! D:<

Rating Orb Flemdog42-  Hello, Split. We were about to talk of lotions. Voluptuously.

Rating Orb E β DeNovo- Side effects include awesomeness, cravings, and unexpected gay orgies. D:

Rating Orb WhoamI- Twitter: (5 seconds ago)- IM COMING SO HARD

Rating Orb Flemdog42- I think I'm open-minded, and there's no telling me otherwise!

Rating Orb fs627- What the U.S. is the greatest nation ever even if it is filled with corruption!

Rating Orb Oddeye- I think the conversatin is split in two now...
Rating Orb split9102(In response to Rating Orb Oddeye)- The conversation is not about me in two!


Jung Test Results

I have taken the Similar Minds Jung test [LINK] and apparently I am an ENTP, or Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving. Here is what the test had to say about me:

Extroverted (E) 69.23% Introverted (I) 30.77%
Intuitive (N) 70.27% Sensing (S) 29.73%
Thinking (T) 53.85% Feeling (F) 46.15%
Perceiving (P) 70.59% Judging (J) 29.41%

Your type is: ENTP

ENTP - "Inventor". Enthusiastic interest in everything and always sensitive to possibilities. Non-conformist and innovative. 3.2% of the total population.

Bug me to add a friends list! D:<

STATS EXPLANATIONS, or something. (PLEASE CONSIDER THESE DESCRIPTIONS WERE MADE A LoNG TIME AGO AND ARE THUS MOSTLY INNACCURATE) NOTE- Please ignore spelling errors. My spelling is usually quite good, but this keyboard is quite bad.

These are more or less compared to people in general, not Fighunters. If it was compared to them, this would all be feeble D:

LOOKS-(Below Average)-

I put this as below average, not necessarily because I am particularly unattractive, but because my appearance will most likely cause me to be labeled as a "nerd" or somesuch, which people find unappealing for some reason. I don't really look much uglier than the average guy, I just look nerdier, which is surely a turn-off for those who choose to look at me. I don't necessarily want to look more attractive--this is the way I am, this is who I am. Deal with it. I don't try to do much to make myself more appealing, since I find it unecessary. If I were a girl, I'd likely not even wear makeup. It just really doesn't matter to me. If anyone finds themselves attracted to me, then I'm sure they'll look through my appearance and appreciate whatever personality I have to offer.

FITNESS-(Above Average)-

Taking into consideration that I currently reside in the United States of Amerrica, a very obese country, I'd say that I am relatively fit. One of the aspects from which I do not fit into the generic "nerd" classification is that nerds are considered to be lacking in athletic prowess. I'm about as strong as the average boy my age if he's about my age and size. I work out every now and again. I'm very lanky--taller than my very short dad, shorter than my very tall dad, probably shorter than the average boy my age. I have a super-fast metaboilism that destroys everything I eat immediately--I could eat an enormous buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week and gain either little or no weight. That's why I don't really need to worry about what I eat, since it's instantly obliterated. I'm a very good runner, but I cnnot run long distances. i love running, and my legs are pretty muscular. my arms, on the other hand, are more or less sticks. I don't have much muscle on them, but I'm not all too scrawny.

SOCIAL SKILLS-(Above Average)-

Well, this is sort of hard to explain. Again, in contrast to the basic concept of "nerd," I have something of a thriving social life, to some extent. I'm the kind of person that would never have a large group of friends, where each friends is only liked in a casual way. No, for me, the way I deal with friends is that I have a very small circle of friends that I really know well and can relate to. I could never stand being friends with people that I weren't particularly interested in, or with people that I couldn't relate to, or know well. If I have friends, they are incredibly close. Those that aren't my friends are usually at a neautral status with me. I make friends incredibly easy, and make "temporary friends" if absolutely necessary. For instance, at some camp or other place where I'll be there only a short while, I defriend one or two people just to keep myself occupied and completely forget afterwards. But I always have a static circle of very good friends around me. I make friends with incredible ease for someone like me, and I never have trouble keeping myself occupied in places where people are available to make friends with. But when I have really good, close friends, I have really good close friends. I often begin conversations, break awkward silences, and keep conversations going, all the while keeping the interest of those I'm talking to.


This is a very tricky one... You see, the majority of what may be "my coolness" is immediately destroyed by the fact/assumption that I am some sort of no-life nerd, which is a false statement. I find that for someone such as myself, and the general group that hangs around Fighunter, I have a rather large amount of coolness. If you catch me in the right crowd (nerds, smart people, Fighunters, etc.), I can be a very cool person. But if I'm stuck somewhere with average standards for coolness, and immediate stamping of coolness levels based on how someone acts and looks at first glance, then I'm not usually considered cool. Although, despite me being something of a nerd, one of my best friends is what would be labeled a "jock" in your average school. He likes me for who I am, and vice versa. So those willing to look past average coolness quotas and judge on personality, i'll be very cool to you. But if you're an average, oppressive member of society, then I'm nothing more than a boring old nerd. So I'm crossed between some high ranking and some low ranking for this, so at "Average" it stays.

CONFIDENCE-(Below Average)-

I wouldn't say that I am naturally unconfident of myself, usually, despite having unusually high Pride/vanity. The only reason my confidence is low is that I sort of force myself to be more humble. I don't want to come off as too confident, and thus I make my insecurities more prevalent to keep my confidence in check. {I WON'T FINISH THIS AND OTHER STATS NOW. BUG ME UNTIL I DO THE OTHER ONES AND FINISH THIS ONE!}

[#EE7600] Godblood (Novel)

Now, about that novel I mentioned. I don't want to spoil anything, but I just want to see if I can spark your interest with a "teaser trailer," if you will. You can PM me or Rating Orb orcris if you want to know a little more. And you can also PM us if you have opinions or suggestions you'd like to make.


The Council of the Gods had gathered to discuss matters of war in the meeting chamber. All Gods, major and minor were in attendance. Destruction had wanted to directly control human life and manipulate the way their civilization evolved, but that only sparked Creation’s anger towards him. After a long argument, it was decided that the humans would choose their own fate, only to be helped occasionally by the Gods. Perhaps, looking back, Creation would regret this.
But, although the humans had been decided on, Destruction would have none of it. He stood up and began yelling about how they should control humans for fun and to amuse themselves. It seemed that most of the Negative Gods had sided with Destruction, and vice versa with Creation.
Against the Council’s will, Destruction struck a quick blow at Creation, who stumbled back, stunned. Creation prepared to shoot a magic beam at Destruction, but was caught off guard by an attack from Fear. Before the battle got too serious, Magic tried to interrupt the intense battle, with which War had just entered. Peace also tried to settle this brawl, but was ignored by the others. Peace saw the fight, and knew it needed to be stopped before it got too serious. Peace attempted to calm the fighters, but was assaulted by Famine, who struck Peace to the ground with his scythe. After a failed attempt at using his powers to freeze time, Magic tried pulling War away from the others, only to be stabbed fatally by War’s sword. The other Gods showed obvious distress when they saw the tip of War’s sword emerging from Magic’s chest.
In moments, Magic fell to his knees and died. The Gods knew this was a horrible situation, because if a mortal managed to enter Paradise and get a hold of the blood of a dead God, then they could bring a deceased mortal back to life. Quickly, the minor God Cleanliness cleaned up the mess and contained the situation. It also soon became obvious that they would need to choose a mortal to become the new God of Magic, which would be a very difficult task.
The rest of the Council was furious at War and Destruction, and this anger fueled a battle between the Gods themselves, a civil war. This war broke out between the two types of major Gods-Negative and Positive. These sides could also be assisted by any Elementals who choose to help, so Fire and Earth joined the Negatives and Water and Wind joined the Positives. And this is how one of the most brutal battles in history began.

Chapter I

Ellise’s Dilemma

“Ellise! Clean out the pigpen!” my mother called, without the slightest hint of gratitude for my willingness to act like a slave for her own nefarious-seeming purposes. She always had me doing something for her pigs.
“I’m on it!” I yelled back to my mother. I mumbled to myself about how my mother was always obsessed with the cleanliness and well-being of her precious porcine pets. I was almost beginning to think that my mother liked her pigs more than she liked me.
Before I set upon my task, I looked into my bedside mirror, admiring my some-what good looks that barely resembled my mother’s (mule-like) face. I had a thin face and body, probably due to small food rations, and straight, brown hair that ran down to my shoulders. I looked quite mature for a sixteen-winter old girl. For some strange reason, now and then I saw my blue eyes flicker to a neon purple shade, perhaps a side effect of working in the sun all day. I didn’t think about it much.
I always believed in the Gods, and felt as if my life had some greater purpose, waiting for me to become something great. My chance was waiting for me just as my pigpen duties were. But all this labor and boredom was a buildup. I believed that with all my heart.
I’m curious and mischievous, not the smartest girl, but not stuck up like the other girls in my kingdom, blinded with lust and men. But for me, I had never had a relationship. In fact, I only ever got of this wretched hut for trips to the marketplace.
Despite the endless rain of insults spewing from my mother, I think I’m a pretty nice young lady. But in this kingdom, you won’t go anywhere by being “kind” or “down-to-earth.” The only women with a reasonable income were the maidens and princesses, two things that I despise.
Again I distracted myself from the task at hand by gazing into the foggy hillside that lay in front of me. I was always stunned by those distant structures crafted by men before my time, with no detail missed, no effort spared. I figured magic was used, although my mother always taught that magic was a myth. But I knew better.
The fortress of the spirit sages loomed in the background along with the other imaginative buildings. It was the home of the greatest wizards in the world who had been around longer than anyone can remember. They were sworn to protect ancient wizard scrolls and artifacts and spells known only by the oldest members. I hoped to someday join them. But now, as much as I wished to be casting spells with the Great Spirit sages, I should be cleaning the pigpen.
I was currently training myself in magic, and I had snuck a spellbook from the house of an amateur sorcerer. I knew that, since I had no trainer, I had to take small steps. I smiled deviously, and decided to spare myself the torturous grease and grime of washing, feeding, and pampering the pigs and cleaning their pen. I knew that if anything happened to those pigs, than my mother would probably make my life even worse than it already was somehow.
I leafed through my (sort of) book of spells and found one that caught my attention. It seemed simple enough. But, of course, it would be hard to execute, as with all spells. The pronunciation of a spell was the key, since all spells are written in a language long lost to the ages. I figured not even the spirit sages knew how to speak it.
The spell called for me to recite these words- “Incantum enchantum, eefle schmeigner dornaws zacrunos, beyt ze prew hao pwex dar!”
I almost stumbled over the words but after some practice I thought I had it figured out. I conjured up a grey raincloud to clean the pigpen and the pigs, figuring the rain would quench the pig’s thirst and bathe them. This cloud was small enough that it covered only the area the pigs were in, and slowly it worked. The mud and grime and unspeakable substances on the pigs washed away, leaving me to watch without a care in the world.
I stood admiring my work, listening to the steady pitter-patter of the rain. But my ears detected something wrong: the beat of the rain became harder and faster. The pigs were clean by now, but the rain cloud did not fade and vanish as planned.
The water began to pool around my feet, and I could tell something was wrong. While I stood there helplessly, the rain continued to accelerate. The walls of the pigpen were filling with water gradually. The pigs moaned and grunted. When the water got high enough, the pigs flailed their legs in an attempt to swim. I heard one last groan before they sunk under, unable to support their body weight. It was a terrible thing to see. I fled the scene. If I didn’t get out of there fast, I would drown too.
I ran to my room and dried myself with a piece of torn cloth. My mother didn’t know that I could control (term used very loosely) magic, and had been using it on many occasions to help with my chores. But worse than her finding out about my magic was her finding out about the pigs. She made sure to give them more than she gave me, and always kissed them goodnight. I knew she would rather sacrifice me than her beloved pigs.
“Ellise!” my mother called. “What happened here?” I figured that she had noticed the trail of water leading up to my room. “Uh, nothing!” I replied. “And how are my piggy dears doing?”
I hesitated. “Why? Are you going to check on them?” I said in my best non-suspicious voice. “Well,” my mother replied, “now I am! I’m onto you Ellise!”
I ran down to the pigpen to find my mother soaking wet and crying, with a pig’s lifeless body at her feet. The pigpen walls had burst with water, flooding our backyard. Luckily, the cloud had disappeared. But the cloud was the least of my worries.
“ELLISE! YOU KILLED MY PIGS!” she screamed, her eyes bulging and face turning red. “I can’t even BEGIN to think of a punishment fitting of such a horrible deed! And to think all this time you had been toying with magic like it was a child’s rattle!”
I looked down, small droplets of water moistening my eyes. I drowned out my mother’s words and almost considered removing my spellbook from my pocket, but thought better of it.
Later that week, I sat in my cot, weeping, looking at my bald head in the mirror and the branding mark on my cheek. Were pigs really worth this much?
I almost smiled the first time in months in spite of myself. My mom had invited two guests over for dinner, and she had drunk enough wine to be reasonably nice to me.
“Ellise, be a dear and go fetch us a turkey dinner,” said my mother in a sweet voice as she enjoyed another glass of wine. “Alright mother.” I walked into the kitchen, and after thinking about it and the time I killed the pigs, I took out my spellbook. I sighed and muttered “Ignayo alrech gorvilious desando,” and a purple fire lit from under the turkey on a spit. “This better work,” I thought to myself. I walked away to the dining room, hid my spellbook, and sat down in an oaken chair.
I chatted with my intoxicated mother about all sorts of topics she would have never discussed in front of me. Suddenly, after I had finally relaxed, I heard a crackling behind me. “What’s that?” cried one of my mother’s guests.
“I’ll be right back,” I said hurriedly and ran to the kitchen. The fire had brutally burnt the turkey and was spreading to the rest of the kitchen.
The fire engulfed the drawer I had hid my spellbook in and with a small bang, it exploded in a puff of smoke. By now the fire was spreading throughout the house faster than any natural flame, and much too fast for me to stop it. I fled the house as part of the roof collapsed, nearly crushing me. There was nothing I could do about it. I tried to recall the rain spell, but I couldn’t remember. I watched from a hill as the house slowly burned, my mother and her friends perishing with it.
I sobbed as I heard the shrieks of the three women inside the house. The house crumbled until only its core structure and ashes remained. I sobbed and cursed the day I decided to steal the spellbook from that sorcerer. I called my feeble attempts at magic every name under the sun.
Then, in front of me, the air began to shimmer, and a djinn appeared. I had only heard of djinns in a book my father had read to me before he was killed fighting King Mlezzis’ men. The djinn was a green, wispy, muscular man with only a torso, arms, and a head. He floated towards me as I wiped my eyes with my sleeve. He spoke only four words. “Find the last sage.” Then, it disappeared.

Hmm, it seems you are still reading my bio. Either you were thoughtful and kind enough to read through my writing, or you skimmed it. But whatever the case, anyone still reading this immense block of writing probably cares about me and wants to know about me. So for these special people, I'll tell you something that only people who want to know about me need know. I am a boy of body language. Where I sit on the bus, the direction I face, where I put my luggage, it all correlates to my mood and the opinions I have of the person next to me. I express myself similarly via chat, where I often am. If I say "Hello, (Userperson)!" then I probably like you and have/would like a friendship with you. If I say "Hello, (Userperson)," then you know that I feel neutral or have a negative opinion of you, or I want to act mature around you. For instance, I'd never greet Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf with "Hello, Pseudo!" I'd say "Hello, Pseudolonewolf."

Helps to know these things, you know?