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Location:Netherlands Netherlands
Religion:Agnostic Atheism
Class:Elite Gamer
Alignment:True Neutral

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  • Humour and jokes, both hearing and making them
  • Kind and nice people (Who does not?)
  • Games; Especially RPGs, RTSs and survival horror
  • Music; Especially non-lyrical music
  • Delightful food, materials and money
  • Doing things and getting things done
  • Emotions, but not sentimentality
  • Giving and getting compliments
  • Writing blogs on my social account
  • Intellectual discussion and people


  • Extremism, fundamentalism and close-mindedness
  • My, most likely, poor English skills
  • Violence, war and all that is related to those
  • Stupid, foolish, vague people, like Rating Orb E CtG
  • Brutal honesty, overtly frank people
  • My quite in(s)ane mind and thoughts
  • Being bored, which I am quite often
  • Actually beginning to do stuff
  • Mean-spirited and condescending people
  • TROLLS! Oh, how I despise them!

Mental Irregularities


Well, this is my bio! Please enjoy it. IN ALL ITS OUTDATED AND STUPID GLORY :D [Though I do like some parts of it a lot.]

I have a site now, check it out? :3


i31i3i31ty, i3ob1b11ty, m1lky moo! 1 w1ll c4st 4 sp☺ll on yo|___|! <3

All hail Rating Orb chaos2841!!! <3
I, Rating Orb Mania, the unnoticeable monster, totally legally became a member on 21 August around 0:30 in the night, Dutch time!~

Me and Rating Orb Ares totally rocked out at the evening of 18 September!! (Rating Orb β Esoto helped}
""""""""""""""""""almost done (...) started today". How optimistic." How pessimistic." >:(" [apathy]" * Oranges ares*" *oranges Mania, Sajb-style*" *Greens Ares*" *greens Mania and then does other stuff too in order to be original*" *Likes Ares, but then HATES him*" I wonder how long this is going to become." So arousing" I blame Esoto for starting this infernal chain. >8{O" Esoto, UGHUGHUGHUGH" Yeah, I hate him too." He's so not Khadaai!~" He's so evil and stuff."" No wonder, he's a " He's , you rotten mango. Ohoho. <:{D

Totally original list, as suggested by Rating Orb Leaf7634!
People who think Mania should set his Lust to 'Exceptional'! :
- Rating Orb Leaf7634 "Add me to your list of people that think Mania should set his Lust to 'Exceptional'! :D"
- Rating Orb Ares "Oh, and I should totally be on your list of people that think that you should put your lust to exceptional. *inhale*"
- Rating Orb Flemdog42 "Mania, outright lies could get you banned from Fighunter. For your own sake, set your lust to "Exceptional." Come on now, let's be honest here."
- Rating Orb raventhefree "Mania, you should set your lust to 'exceptional'. I mean, seriously. It's not too hard to figure that out. XP"
- Rating Orb KnA "Mania, I think it's a pretty safe bet that you should set your Lust to Exceptional... There's a LOT of evidence in the chat log!"
- Rating Orb Turtlebug "Oh, right, Mania! You should really set your lust stat to "Exceptional" because it makes sense and stuff, not because I want to be on your bio!!!1"
- Rating Orb Kobiwan97 "Mania, if you're so *male*, change your lust to exceptional."
- Rating Orb BraveHeart "Mania your lust IS exceptional, the amount of sexual innuendos thrown into the chat by you is only matched by your damn cyan and green ratings :D"
- Rating Orb megabdi "Oh god, Mania. You should really change your Lust to Exceptional, since every situation you're in results in a morally-questioning action performed by you."
- Rating Orb david s "Speaking of mrow, I've seen you in the chat room, sitting there, eyeing my body up and down like I'm sort of delicious NYAN-cat poptart... I know that look in your eyes, you lusty, lusty, luster. You need to boost your status of lust to the point for which it has accuracy! TURN IT TO EXCEPTIONAL! Oh you lusty, lusty Man...ia. ;D"
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- Rating Orb Seshiro "Mania, with all of these things you keep saying about Pokeporn and Pokegenders, let me be another person to say, you should set your lust to exceptional."
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- Rating Orb uugr "You sould set your lust to exeptional and stuff NOW! Why? BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

Username: Mania, I chose the name Mania due to familiarity. When I created my first account on a Facebook-like site, I used my name with Mania attached to it. I chose Mania because I thought it sounded funny, obsessed with [My name], I thought it was funny at least. Ever since, Mania is a theme I use in all my online accounts, in some way or another. I was a bit surprised to find out that the name was available, since I'm the 8663rd member! *Wall-o-Text.*

Age: 16

Location: Netherlands, please don't say "Holland", it's only a part of the Netherlands. Our country is divided in provinces, twelve in total, and only two of them could be called Holland, those two are North-Holland and South-Holland (Imaginative). Now that you know this information, make sure to share it with all who make this silly, yet often-made, error. You have my thanks.

Religion: Eh, visit this comment chain to see my opinion: [LINK]
To keep it a bit short, right now, I don't think that there are any religions that I could get behind. Because of this, I'd call myself an "Agnostic Atheist". I don't live like there's a god, but do realize that we don't have sufficient information to prove a god's there or not.

Ethnicity: Caucasian, but t doesn't really matter, does it?

Alignment: , I don't think that swaying to either side of the Lawful/Chaotic spectrum is the solution and I always try to hang in the middle. When it comes to the Good/Evil side of the matter, I am also in the middle, I usually don't go out of my way to help people or use them for my own good. I try to be nice, but if someone asks me to help and if I'm not in the mood, or don't have the time, then I will most likely say "Sorry, can't help." or I will help, but do a half-arsed job. Of course, I sometimes do help others without it being of use to me, and of course I sometimes use people, but I never do extreme things and always try to be as good as I want to be. (Which is not all that good, or bad.)

Class: im a 1337 gmr adn i pwn j00 wit mad 5ki11z0rz !!!1! But seriously, I would call myself a regular gamer, not a 1337 gamer. I like to play games and I spend quite a bit of my free time playing games, searching for info about games, or listening to the soundtrack of games on Youtube, because I don't have a fancy iPadNanoTouchSuper3D64 that plays music.

Temperament: , this was a tough choice to make. When I first took a glance at the temperaments page, it was still in its old and primitive state, like the ancestor that Humans and Neanderthals share (We're actually more like cousins not brothers and sisters), I immediately felt attracted to the and temperaments, but I had the feeling that all combinations sounded like me, a trait commonly found when you have opposing temperaments, so I was sure that I was either a or a . Lately, I've been wondering though: Am I even ? Or am I ? Perhaps I'm neither. Anyway, for now, I'll stay

Colour sheme: [#ffcc00] As you can see, it's yellow. Hurrah.

And now for some information about my Personality Profile! I would like to thank Rating Orb E CtG for the handy bar thingamajigs.
WARNING: These are all compared to people around my age, not other users of the site!

Looks: "I like the way I look, because I look how I want to look." That would be a quote that describes my looks. I know what kind of traits I find handsome, so I try to have those traits. Other people's opinions on my looks have mostly been good, but I haven't gotten much feedback on my looks. And no, I'm not describing them here, you need to not know such things about me.
██████████████ Above Average

Fitness: I am quite acrobatic, people have complimented me and called me a snake-person! (Those were meant to be compliments, RIGHT?) However I am too frightened to become injured to actually use my skills. My constitution could be better, but I am working on it. I don't much care for strength and muscles, I don't even find them attractive. I used to be poor at Fitness, but it seems I can now sow the beans I planted, my constitution is now just sub-par, instead of plain bad. Hooray!
██████████████ Below Average

Social Skills: Hmm, I am a bit awkward at times. I don't have any good friends, but I would really want one. I probably could make friends, if it weren't for the fact that everyone is already a part of a friend circle, and I very afraid of butting in. So I guess when I found out how I could get friends, it was already too late, everyone is already "occupied". I really prefer not to talk about friends anyway, it makes me gloomy and depressed.
When it comes to interaction with acquaintances, I am actually above average. I can easily start conversations with people and I'm not very awkward when for example, I have to go shopping or interact with elderly in a retirement home.
██████████████ Below Average

Coolness: I know some people who have called me awesome and like my quirkiness, but I used to complain a lot, which people didn't like. I had some sort of epiphany on a week log trip to Italy for school though, and it really changed me as a person. Nowadays I keep the complaints to myself and people have become more friendly to me, so I'm just a tad less cool than the others now. Guess school has thought me something of great value, unlike what I often think. So yeah, I'm "cool in my own way" or something silly like that.
██████████████ Average

Confidence: My lack of confidence at times is the reason why I'm so awkward at making friends. It is really something that bothers me and I'd rather not talk about it. One thing I'll say is: I'm deathly afraid of butting in and acting normal around people I see as superiors, only when I'm particularly emotional I speak up around them, I have a "know your place"-mentality, and my place would be a second-class seat in the back-row. Although I very much lack external confidence, my inner confidence is about Average, but that's not what this stat is about.
██████████████ Poor

Independence: I'm a mommas boy, I have never really learned to take care of myself. I can operate a microwave, make soup and prepare jam. I can clean, but I can only do the basic stuff. Once I'll need yo be more independent, I'll surely learn all of those handy skills in no time. It's just that there's no pressure on me. so yeah, this is something that will change with my age, I suppose.
██████████████ Below Average

Tolerance: I can take some verbal abuse and I'm not quick to hate others. I'm not easily annoyed, but I do have somethings that may cause me get annoyed (Who doesn't?). The thing that angers me the most would be people being unaware that I actually have emotions, which is something that people seem to forget often. Other than that, I'm very tolerant on this site, I don't think I've ever really gone on some mad rant here, and I hope it stays that way.
██████████████ Great

Empathy: Uh... I can't explain this, really...
██████████████ Above Average

Niceness: I hate seeing people upset and TRY to be as nice as possible. For further information, I made a topic about niceness, which shows some of my opinions on it: [LINK] EDIT: Hmm, I'm not Great at nice, really, more like somewhat better than average, yes.
██████████████ Above Average

Tact: Some of my tries tend to be less than successful, let's just leave it at that. Everyone makes slip-ups at times, but I seem to have inherited my father's ability to say the absolute worst things at the absolute worst times. It's really not that I wish to upset someone, it's just me being unmindful, or me being poor at English and saying something I didn't mean.
██████████████ Below Average

Honesty: I lie at times if it benefits me or others, " white lies" or how are they called? Aside from that, I always try to keep appointments and my word, but I fail to do that at times, I'm only human, you know?! So yeah, not all that bad, but not good either, so average it is!. <Possibly a lie>
Mania always lies.
██████████████ Average

Intelligence: I do great in school, can solve puzzles and seem to remember all sorts of thing that make people say "Really? How can you remember that?". This makes me sound like I'm trying to brag.
It annoys me when people thing that knowing a lot equals being intelligent. To me being intelligent means that you have the capacity to know a lot and learn fast. You're not smart just because you're good at Trivial Pursuit, then you're just knowledgeable, which is something else! So don't call someone stupid because they don't know some stupid fact. (I especially hate people who think you're dumb because you don't know something about their favourite star, really annoying!)
Also, I never did an IQ test. Why? Out of fear to get a low IQ? Out of fear to get a high IQ? Both really, I'm satisfied enough as I am, getting to know my IQ couldn't really benefit me, so why bother? It's more fun to play a hand of which you don't know the cards, rather than a Ace/Ace or a crappy hand.
██████████████ Great

Wisdom: I'm the average teenage boy, nothing special about my wisdom.
██████████████ Average

Sense of humour: I seem to be funnier to my family and acquaintances than to people around here. I suppose it's because people from different places have different senses of humour. Anyway, I like puns, sometimes intentionally audacious statements, and at times randomness and sarcasm. I dislike practical jokes, overuse of sarcasm and people who just don't crack jokes at all. I don't joke at improper times and don't joke all the time, people like that are just unfunny IMO.
Oh also, why are puns so disliked anyway?
██████████████ Above Average

Introspection: I am quite introspective, but it seems that I can't "find myself" yet. I don't understand me very well, for I don't really know who me is (Being a seems to make me a "conflicted" person). But I do know what my opinions and flaws and such are, so I guess I should make myself above average. Once I'm older I will hopefully understand my "inner me" more. (Getting to know myself is one of my main reasons for joining this site.) One of these days, this stat will be Great, I can't wait for that day.
██████████████ Above Average

Creativity: Hard to define, I seem the waddle in the middle, with me being creative in some areas and uncreative in others. I can write blogs on a social site I'm using and I seem to get positive feedback from the readers, but I am uncreative when it comes to other things.
██████████████ Average

Optimism: I am often balanced, but I can be both optimistic and pessimistic at times. On this site however, amongst many pessimists, I find myself being optimistic more often than not, so I'd say I'm above average. About my beliefs: I think pessimism is annoying, and I dislike those who are proud of it, as those who take pride in it, think it equals realism. IT DOESN'T! It literally means, being more negative than reality should make you, you can't be a realistic pessimist, it doesn't make sense. I myself have been one of them, but I've grown out of that pretentious fase, luckily.
Otherwise, optimistic people always cheer me up and make me feel better about the world, but they're hard to come by in this world where many cynical pessimists think their look is the only true one and that optimists are just childish. I disagree to say in the slightest.
██████████████ Above Average

Pride/Vanity: I'm not very vain, I just want to know that I can look good if I want to, but I only try to look good when I have to impress people. My pride is not all that great either, I mainly brag to get compliments (Which I don't do often), not to be "above" others. Might be because I've done nothing to be proud of really. So, uh, yeah, Average stat here, EXCITEMENT!
██████████████ Average

Envy: Friends, money, status, happiness. Why do so many people who don't deserve it have it, rather than me?! Why must I be stuck in my conditions?! <Whiny teenage Caucasian boy rants about him being in a not good enough situation>
██████████████ Great

Gluttony: Eh, my eating pattern is so unpredictable, one day I can eat hardly anything, the other day I stuff myself. Let me just say I'm almost underweight, so I'm not all that gluttonous.
██████████████ Average

Greed/Avarice: I never like giving money away, and I like having it. Some goes for belongings. Of course, I'm no Scrooge, I spend money at times, but just less than most other people.
██████████████ Above Average

Lust: Can I call myself lustful when I'm not even aware of my sexuality? Eh, let's hope I'll become more lustful once I grow up. Uh, other than that, I do get aroused at some fetish stuff, but those are private, and I have no intention of sharing such info. :o
██████████████ Below Average

Sloth: I can do things quite easily, given the right motivation. Too bad that I'm hard to motivate. It even took me three weeks to write this shammy bio, I'm so lazy...
██████████████ Great

Wrath/Anger: I only get angry around people I'm very familiar with (Even then I don't get angry often), while everyone else these days seems to be angry all the darned time. It's quite saddening really...
██████████████ Poor

Self-esteem: I tried to be as honest as possible while giving these stats, but I tend more to self-depreciation than to self-glorifying. But it really depends on the situation.
██████████████ Average

Generic Likes/Dislikes list! But with my fears so you people can cause me misery! :D

Rating Orb Mania likes:

Humour and jokes, both hearing and making them: Speaks for itself, no?

Kind and nice people (Who does not?): I think that kindness is a very good trait. That doesn't meant that every good person is nice, but it's still a very important trait to me, one that many people appear to lack.

Games; Especially RPGs, RTSs and survival horror: I'm an 1337 gamer for a reason!

Music; Especially non-lyrical music: That would mostly be games' soundtracks. I prefer "different" game music, I never really felt attached to the epic Final Boss piece, I prefer the quirky song that plays when fighting that particular strange boss. Aside from stange tunes, I like catchy tunes, the kind of tunes you can hum while cycling to school, instead of talking to my friends, who I don't really have **. I am also strange in the fact that I prefer "Non-perfect" music over "perfect" music... Er-hem! Rather curious and peculiar indeed!

Delightful food, materials and money: Oh mah Gush! A materialistic figgie?! Burn it to the ground!1! I don't really like it when people demonize materialism without making clear *why* they hate it.

Doing things and getting things done: Nothing beats the orgasmic feeling one gets when he knows he no longer has to worry about that big task, except maybe an orgasm.

Emotions, but not sentimentality: Why so stoic? Really people! Live! Emote! Without anger and sadness, one cannot know joy!

Giving and getting compliments: I like to give compliments, they make other people feel good, which I like. Of course, receiving compliments is also something I enjoy, sometimes I self-depreciate a bit in order to get compliments, but that's just between me and this site, our little secret. ;)

Writing blogs on my social account: Strangely enough, my blogs on my social account (Hyves, it's the Dutch version of Dazebook, except it's bettah in every way!) that seem to get quite positive receptions, it's one of the things that people genuinely give me compliments about, one person advised me to sell them! I won't link to them as they're Dutch, but if you ask nicely enough, I could arrange something.

Intellectual discussion and people: It's one of the reasons why I joined the site.

Adding these "-" symbols when unnecessary: I just do it, capiche?

CD-i and the sources of that one kind of excrement on YouTube that EVERYONE on this site hates: *Le gasp!* Hey, to each his own, right? I'm a bit of a "memey" person, but I'm also interested in the source of the jokes. I want to know its origins, especially in the show or game. That's why I'm such a fan of those three Zelda games and that one Mario game and those shows that are based around Mario and Sonic, that everyone and their grannies hates. So basically, I like the memes, but I love the sources for what they are, not their MemeticMutation. This is bound to get me many greens from this community.

TVTropes: It's an awesome site, so try checking it out! [LINK]

The Chosen Four: It's an awesome comic about Earthbound, true to the story, but also a very well adapted to comic from with round and interesting characters. [LINK]

Mania's sexy rainbow spewing nipples!: Who doesn't love them?

NonStampCollector: He is a very insightful person who you should watch on Youtube, especially if you think that the bible contains no contradictions. A handy link: [LINK]

Rating Orb Mania dislikes:

Extremism, fundamentalism and close-mindedness: The middle road is the correct road, I believe, and deliberately straying from that path, even when proven it's right, just bothers me.

My, most likely, poor English skills: Everyone on this site seems so much more eloquent than me

Violence, war and all that is related to those: It just upsets me to see all the suffering people have to go through...

Stupidity, foolishness, vagueness: Be intelligent, be clever, and be specific and clear and you're my friend.

Brutal honesty, overtly frank people: Be honest, but don't be a *Word that rhymes with click*.

My quite in(s)ane mind and thoughts: I'm a quite unstable person, I'm very emotional and can change my moods very extremely and very quickly.

Being bored, which I am quite often: I'm writing this description to avoid being bored, it seems that I have failed. *Yawns while covering mouth*

Actually beginning to do stuff: It's like climbing a mountain of work, but worse!

Mean-spirited and condescending people: This seems quite obvious.

TROLLS! Oh, how I despise them!

The word "hate": I just prefer the word "dislike", "hate" seems a tad excessive to me. Also, in the Netherlands, the word hate is being used very often now, which makes no sense since it doesn't fit in at all with the rest of our strange, peculiar, Germanic language. Oh well, I'm just a "hater". <This is Dutch>Jonge, niet haten!</This is Dutch>

Literature class: Before you trow me in the furnace, let me say that I like reading, just not reading books. And I detest how, not that, it is forced upon people. The school system has forced books on me that they said were good and true, well, I hated them. The schools try to define what is and what isn't good literature, as if it is something absolute, not relative and subjective. "Our definition of good literature is the only true one, so stick to it!" By forcing the standards of a "good" book upon people, you only make them detest reading and Literature. True art can take many forms, so don't try to shoot down what I find beautiful, just because you didn't think so.

Lag: I hate lag, and let me tell you: My computer has PLENTY of it. **

Going on vacations: This is something which a lot of people at school bother me about. I don't at all like traveling and I dislike vacations a lot. A vacation for me means stress at the airport/bus station, in the plane/bus, having to spend all my time with my family, being unable to freely play my games (Mostly due to me being protective of my handhelds and not using them outside) and all that once more to go home. People often bother me about this and just can't understand and worse accept my stance on vacations, they go out of their way to keep asking me about it and asking me where I'm going, knowing that I'm spending my vacation with my grandparents who live 5 minutes walking from my home in a penthouse.

Other things that might be of some importance

If I say something stupid or make a spelling mistake in the chat, please be aware I tend to be hasty when posting in the chat and that I have a poor Tact stat for a reason.

If you made it all the way here, then I would like to sincerely thank you. It really touches me that you're willing to read all this info about me. Thank you very much, you have my blessings.

If you want to ask me any questions, feel free to PM me or post a comment!

Big scary purple letters of DOOOOM! (Thanks to Rating Orb LiadyC for the idea and on how to make them letters)