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Location:Pakistan Pakistan
Alignment:Chaotic Good

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  • Painting.
  • Thrillers, movies, reading books.
  • Hanging out with friends and family.
  • The generic thrill of life.
  • Fun.
  • Talking with my friends or family on Skype!
  • Literature.
  • Arguing. Gosh, it feels so good to the mind.
  • Checking out Fighunter and Wizard101.
  • My friend Sydney SpiritStalker from Wizard101.


  • Boredom.
  • Arrogance, stupidity, ugliness and dim-wittedness.
  • Fighting with my friends.
  • The eons-old Pakistan-India feud.
  • Bullies.
  • Slang. Abuse.
  • Ugly teeth and moronic smiles (ugh!)
  • Losing my temper. It cost me a friend once.
  • The heat in this country.
  • Loudness, like that of my 90-year old gramma.

Mental Irregularities


Well, I don't think there's much about me that any of you curious folk could find interesting.
I'm a Pakistani Muslim. I hope many of you won't be turned off by this fact (you won't imagine how religiously intolerant some are). I'm currently 16 years of age. I think. And I'm studying in St.Patrick's School. It's a good school and I have an average life to most people. But is there more to me than that? There is.

I'm a very good-looking person. Can you believe I have been engaged by multiple prostitutes? GASP! I like how I look and can be a bit too conscious of it, especially my hair. Many people comment on my looks and especially my eyes. I meant those from my family. Despite that, it is not a source of pride or conceit. Multiple people have commented that I could take underwear modelling or something weird like that, and have compared me to other people who were good-looking.

I don't work out too much because of my lack of stamina. I am exceptional at swimming though. It is one of those sports I really enjoy and delve into. I am also a bit lazy. I rarely show energy in most things except those which are really important. In that case, I can be pretty agile. It's also because of this that I don't go do much sports as I prefer to read a book or maybe stay in bed.

Pakistan is a holy, Muslim country where I don't think the concept of boyfriends and girlfriends is as common. I'm a bit shy and can not engage other girls as freely as my other friends, though I'm on pretty good terms with numerous girls, but not on an affectionate or personal level.
I'm very hard-working and although I'm forced to study commerce and other technical subjects, what I really have passion for is ART. You heard me right, ART! I'm a talented painter and artist, and have taken it in my O'levels, but whether it is embedded permanently into my future and career remains to be seen.

I'm a nice guy and love children. I get good grades in my class but never seem to fit in with other cooler folk who have an entire criteria for who should be in their group and who shouldn't. I'm also a regular target for bullies. They pester and annoy me. It was like this since the sixth grade, unfortunately. I have tried nicely and other measures to save myself. Some have worked, but well, I'm not a guy who fits in easily with everyone although he tries a lot.

I'm, shy to say, VERY LUSTFUL. I get aroused very easily, and although I haven't had any real sex, (not that I plan to anytime soon), I am constantly looking at erotica which should not be looked at. I guess it's because I'm not of age. But that doesn't bother me really. I don't think what people will think of me when they read it but personally, it's something natural so I'm not a tad bit ashamed of it.
I used to have a nasty and volatile temper which got me into particularly sticky situations. It's much better now, and I prefer it that way.

Well, here I am, in a nutshell. I think.

To whoever's reading this, hope you enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed myself!