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Location:Belgium Belgium
Alignment:True Neutral

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MSNjust ask for it


  • reading especially Terry Goodkind and Darren Shan
  • gaming
  • movies
  • nature
  • privacy
  • music (Rammstein)
  • magic
  • manga


  • alcohol
  • annoying brothers
  • social networks (no privacy)
  • lack of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'green\\
  • technology that doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • violence
  • dogs (due to allergic reactions)
  • the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ that appears

Mental Irregularities


Ever found random things in your room, things that should never be able to get into your room?
Well, I find those things all the time.

Recently I've decided to write down some of my dreams, why? Well not because I believe in any dream science, if that's what you're thinking.
I do so :
1) To keep enjoying them even after they have faded from my memory.
2) To test my memory (I write them down after a 5-6 hours).
3) To sort them out, analyzing them in my own way.
4) Because the things I dream are really weird.

Why are my dreams weird you want to know?
In one of my dreams I did had a grave wound on my head, obviously this needed to get stitched, and it seemed like I really felt the needle and thread pulling my skin up each time it went trough.
I woke up having a headache, but how would you be.
Important to know is that I never had a wound bad enough that it needed to get stitched while I was conscious.
So how would I know how that experience would feel like? I don't know, that's part of why I'm writing them down.
From another dream I woke up finding myself crying, for several minutes I cried that morning, and I it's really hard to get me so far that I would start crying.

The dreams I write down are usually this type of dream, they are different from my other dreams.

Whatever you do just DON'T click this link...!
You are warned!