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Personal Info

Location:United Kingdom United Kingdom
Alignment:Lawful Good

Contact Info

Website:I dont have one


  • Fig Hunter, of course! And Golden Sun.
  • Stephne Fry, peace, equality, Charles Darwin
  • Fish and chips, Pizza, Ketchup, Cheerios, SNOW!
  • Helping people, praise, being a part of something
  • Music in games, old consoles, computers
  • Holidays, being indoors, being lazy, Red
  • Ed Edd n Eddy, The Mask (animated series)
  • Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Limozeen
  • Storys with a dark twist, Fallout, History,
  • Biology, studying medicine and the human body


  • Bigots, Trolls, idiots,
  • Broccoli, some vegetables, pears
  • My class at school (its loud and brutish)
  • Advertisements, they annoy me a lot
  • Bullys, people who want us to stop having fun.
  • Summer, hot days, bicycles, dogs
  • Football (I think its stupid), running
  • Smokers (they harm themselves and others)
  • Internet lingo (lol, brb and others as well)
  • Furries (NOT because of the obvious reasons)

Mental Irregularities

  • Small bouts of depression
  • Paranoia
  • Does believing in conspiracies count?
  • Cynophobia- A fear of dogs
  • I have frightening sleeping patterns.
  • Allodoxaphobia- A fear of opninons
  • Cyclophobia- A fear of bikes.


> Be the large boring guy.

You are now MEGABDI. You are lying on your double bunker bed in your passed-down-to-you brother's room, which is painted bile yellow and filled with a lot of his stuff including essays and letters, which are of no worth to you. You also have a list of INTERESTS which you forget from time to time. Above all of them is your fondness for CLASSIC RETRO GAMES and VIDEO GAMES in general, but more preferably the latter since you download emulators and ROMs since you don't even know where to get older games consoles. You also eat a rather large amount of UNHEALTHY FOOD but you seem to be cutting down on how much. You also like CALM BUT DARK atmospheres like nightfall, which you find to be a bit strange. You also like to wield ORDINARY OBJECTS like they're weapons, but you prefer to say that your METAL BAT would at least be more dangerous in your hands than a WII REMOTE.

Oh, and you suppose FIG HUNTER to be somewhere on that list since you come here most of the time to check what's happening or chat with fellow members.
You guess to go check it out.

> Read bio of Megabdi.

Current status: I feel better!

Spoiler for Work:

Welcome to the bio of a member who comments more than posts on threads! Isn't that exciting!?

Megabdi is my moniker, or just mega to the community. I like pizza and other painstakingly tasty foods, I like dark skyes with the wind blowing (eerie, is it not?) and I abhor broccoli!
I am addicted to games and cannot go 2 minutes without thinking about food, my computer and sleep.
I am also scared to death by dogs that are near me, they're just domesticated wolves!
I really don't like to be a nuisance to anyone I talk to.
And if that like and dislike list was unlimited, it would probably be the largest list.

Oh, and here's music that would play if I was a fictional character, because who isn't listing music that would match their personality these days?

This would be my 'Character Theme', which would play if any significant event involving me happened: [LINK]
And this would be my 'Battle Music' for when I get my self an encounter with a androgynous blob: [LINK]
And of course, this would by my 'Boss Battle Music' for when I get my self an encounter with a bigger monstrosity: [LINK]
But then this would play if I got into an encounter with a member of FigHunter who would have commanded a challenge from me! Or if I had bumped into Turtlebug: [LINK]
And the creme dela creme of music fitting my fictional personality! The music that would play if I somehow got horrible killed, also known as the 'Death Theme': [LINK]
Also, I am posting this song because I just like it: [LINK]

Oh yeah, and here are my results from that test I took on my personality!:

Extraversion |||||||||| 36%
Stability |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Orderliness |||||||||||| 50%
Accommodation |||||||||||||||| 63%
Intellectual |||||||||||||||||| 80%
Interdependence |||||||||||||| 60%
Mystical |||||||||||| 50%
Materialism |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Narcissism |||||| 30%
Adventurousness |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Work ethic |||||||||||||||| 70%
Conflict seeking || 10%
Need to dominate |||||||||||| 50%
Romantic || 10%
Avoidant |||||||||||||||||| 80%
Anti-authority |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Wealth || 10%
Dependency |||||||||||||| 60%
Change averse || 10%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Individuality |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Sexuality || 10%
Peter pan complex |||||| 30%
Histrionic:|||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Hedonism :||10%
Physical fitness:||10%

Wait...FORGET IT! I am not 10% fit! I'm 60%!

Fish and Chips!

I rarely think about other foods when I'm eating this. Maybe it's the batter? Anyway, I do think of other foods, like cereal and apples. But they pale in comparasion to Fish and Chips!
Anyway, significant event about fish and chips..... Oh wait! I was watching people argue whether we should stop eating fish because their shrinking in population. The argument was called 'If a dolphin has to die so that I can have a tuna sandwich, so be it', Pretty brutal title for an argument if you ask me!

Nice stuff about each other

Y'know... All these like lists remind me of an event that happened in my last years of primary schools...
My teacher said we should make write nice stuff about each other, even about ourselves.(God knows how far I let myself go on that part)
When it was over, we gave our lists to our teachers and we got the lists full of good stuff written about us into plastic paper.(I don't know what's it called!)
My list didn't have the good stuff I wrote about myself, that should be an indicator about how far-fetched what I wrote was.
But it was full of compliments from the other students in my year. The compliments were really nice.
Maybe we should write nice stuff about each other! And tell people on what to improve on.

Yep, I can get paranoid at times. I think I got this from when I was exposed to the Scary maze game.(shudder) Even though I've gotten over that. I still feel like some people are after me...
I will never forget that face....(shudder shudder)

Dogs and bikes!

Yes, it does sound silly but I'm scared witless about dogs and bikes! Dogs are basically wolves and bikes provide a chance to get your face smashed or grated!
I'm also afraid of being annoying and opinions, I guess this due to my crippling amount of niceness and need for everyone to respect eachother.

My past and The Human Body

When I was young, my brain was a pile of mush. I was hyperactive, my writing was BEYOND abysmal and my intellect was comparable to that of a fruit.
So how did I become calm, make my writing to actually be recognizable and get a good deal of intellect? Let me answer those questions right there.

1: Secondary school made me calm and collected.
2: My biggest bro helped me with my writing. (My primary school actually gave me a award for improving my handwriting)
3: Books.

Books mostly helped me with me being calm and with my intellect.

Now my fascination with the human body...
The Human Body truly is a amazing machine. It can adapt to most environments, survive in extreme climates, change to your lifestyle and so much more things we probably haven't discovered what our bodies can do. It truly is amazing...
But so is medicine. Without it we would be at the mercy of pathogens and deadly diseases. It truly has made some amazing advances. Such as how does blood flow, what causes disease, how to measure blood pressure and many, MANY more advances in medicine.
I got my fascination for the human body and medicine from reading books about.
So there you go. Books, practicing my handwriting and depression have made me into the teen that you see right now!

My stats


My sister often comments on how handsome I will be when I grow up, and I'n starting to agree with her. Now all I have to do is get some functional muscle...


Place me in a fight and I'll have the upper hand. Place me in a running competition and my lungs and legs will become jelly.

Social Skills:

Yep, my Social skills are just about on the same level of Mr Bean. I guess this is because I'd prefer to read a good book than to talk to someone, but then again. Most of the students at my school are jerks to me...


It ain't going to get you a future, will it?


Well I'm not really confident when confronting challenges, but when everyone refuses to take it up then I would feel somewhat responsible for completing it. I can't really describe my confidence since I don't encounter too many challenges that call upon it.


I am kind of independent, I can go to shops that are sort of far away but any further and my family freaks out!


Secondary school whittled away my tolerance of people's behavior since most people at my school are little morons who seek enjoyment by calling me names and such, but they never dare lay a finger on me. Maddening it is.
Also, I am rather confused at whether to set it to 'Exceptional' or 'Feeble', since if a rude comment is shouted at me for no good reason then I just respond with ignoring, but if someone who I judge to be fair and understanding offends me, then I definitely lose the plot at that point!


I am greatly empathetic because I am in a great position of life, lots of food and water, loving family, healthcare, the lot! While others in developing countries have to do unspeakable things just to scrape by.
And then there is empathy for people who've gone through a bad time...


And this empathy turns into the will to make things right again or make it less worse. Yes, I am very nice and I wonder if the saying 'nice guys finish last' is true because I am horrible at sports...


I am often careful with my words when in front of people, and if I wanted to ask a question that some would say would be disrespecting their privacy then I would tell them they wouldn't have to answer.
I'm careful with my words because if a situation arises then I start to panic. And by panic I mean sweat copiously enough that I feel like overheating.


My honesty is up to par! Sure I tell a little lie once in a while but they aren't very serious lies. Stuff like homework and such.


While it is good, I suck at maths. I guess my knack to read books gave me this intellect.


This one also sets my mind into thinking mode, since I can't recall what the difference is between knowledge and experience. But I do know that knowledge is how well you are at problem-solving and wisdom is how well you develop skills and abilities to deal with situations. I set my Wisdom at Above Average since I learn fast.

Sense of Humor:

I prefer well-constructed jokes. I put mine at Feeble because as my Tolerance shows, I am not partial to jokes that involve hurting someone's feelings or insult them somewhat.


This one does rather confuse me since I can find what I like, but I sometimes misjudge my skills and personality. But what I do know is what sets the cornerstones for finding my true self. So big details about me can be accurate, but the small ones can be confusing at best.


This can depend on my mood, as in if I'm relaxed and calm, I'll start to think of crazy stuff such as floating mushrooms, three headed paper and other impossible oddities that live only in my imagination.
But if I'm tired or feeling down then I'll be as monotonous as a computer.


While I don't get depressed all the time, I usually don't think that things could get any brighter. But when I'm feeling really down, I just listen to the end of Monty Python's Life of Brian. I guess me being somewhat cynical has done a number on my optimism.


I only look in the mirror to see if somethings on my face or clothes, or to look my best for an important event. I don't usually act like I'm the best all the time because hearing someone gloat about their exploits is really annoying, and also because I'm not a attention-seeker.


Like I've mentioned before a few times, I have all I need. I don't really vie for people's belongings since I have everything essential and all others being superficial.
And I don't really desire other people's attributes since I'm fine with who I am.


Oh boy... I do eat a lot actually. But it's not a problem since I eat some foods here and there. Different banana and unlikely jam.


Yep, you're looking at a boni-fide Scrooge. I don't like Christmas because it's cold and I long for considerable wealth. You could say that I have no envy due to my Greed. Since that says 'I don't need people's stuff! I'll just get the Money to buy the same! Bwhahaha!'.


Yes...erm... I do think of that stuff... somewhat... NEXT STAT!


Zzzzzz......Zzzzzz.....Zzzzzz..... Bacon Powder!....Zzzzzz


While I'm not too quick to get angry, I get a little more angry with every insult or threat due to the anger that arises gets quelled into what I would call a imaginary bottle. So a rush of anger incurs in my mind when an insult is repeatedly thrown at me.


I love myself, can you blame me? Though I know I can't do the impossible, I'm probably the first person I love, besides my family and friends of course!

(Finished! Could improve on it some time)

List of members who I aim to surpass in ratings

I aim to get more ratings than these people for no specific reason! Do I need one?
Also, these are people who I see most of the time over here at Fig Hunter.

Rating Orb Turtlebug: My personality is a cardboard face compared to her enjoyable company....
Rating Orb Mania: Bleugh.... Some reason as neah, but his amount of ratings somehow calls me out more than her's...
Rating Orb Flemdog42 & Rating Orb Alphanumerical: Their number of ratings and attitude kinda make me not want to plan a non-specific revenge for no reason.

List of people I like and dislike!

Ah, the ever expendable list is here again, for the 3rd time! And then for the 4th time for when I list a bunch of Quotes from funny robots!

People I like:
Rating Orb Ares: You'll see when you read one of his quotes.
Rating Orb Alphanumerical: He is pretty funny, like the rest of the people in this section of this list.
Rating Orb Leaf7634: He is a reasonable chap and very likable.
Rating Orb KnA: He has a rather bright attitude and is also pretty funny in his own way.
Rating Orb Mania: He... can make inneudos out of mostly everything... And he is just as funny as the rest of the people here.
Rating Orb Turtlebug: She has a cheerful personality no-one could reject.
Rating Orb Flemdog42: A great person to have discussions with and a funny member.
Rating Orb david s: He is probably everyone's friend here. He's considerate, smart, funny, defending, deep and welcoming. He also upholds some ideals I look up to. Like how Fig Hunter was in the past.
Rating Orb Brock: He is a friendly member and a funny one at that! He's also very considerate.
Rating Orb Omnomynous: He is rather random, but the good kind of random.
Rating Orb E CtG: He is helpful and nice! And funny as well.

Maybe I'll have more reasons here sometime...

Because what doesn't say 'I'm trying to fit in!' more than a section about quotes!?

'When there's lemons, make orange juice and wonder how you did it.' - Rating Orb Turtlebug

'I avoided your FACE when I found out how buggy your FACE was. >:[' - Rating Orb FakeKraid

'Take a point called z in the complex plane, let z₁ be z squared plus z / And z₂ is z₁ squared plus z / And z₃ is z₂ squared plus z, and so on / if the series of z's stay close to z and never trend away to infinity, that point is in the Mandelbrot set // Mandelbrot set, you're a Rorschach Test on fire, you're a dayglo pterodactyl / you're a heart-shaped box of strings and wires, you're one badass f*cking fractal...' - Rating Orb Drostie, using a quote from the song Mandelbrot Set by Jonathan Coulton.... A quote quoting a quote, inane, right?OneOneTwo?

'I'd rather take a bath. Paths are dangerous.'- Rating Orb Ares

Rating Orb Dreecal: 'Not the grammar police, Volt.'
Rating Orb Voltox: 'Aw.'
Rating Orb megabdi: 'They would just criticize the robber's lack of a degree.'

'You should know better than to look at Pseudo's secret stash of whale porn, Volty. >:['- Rating Orb Ratul

'I'll blow you' -Rating Orb KnA

Pixel Pushers, for pixel prizers and such.

Rating Orb megabdi: The Pixelated Spirit. (Equipped with a fire blade, of course.)
Rating Orb KnA: The Great Robo-Pixel-Knight. (Also, the recruiter. Also know as 'Regal Pixel Knight.')
Rating Orb ChikinNuggit: The Pixel Paladin. (He's a duck, a duck which scares me/)
Rating Orb Prometheus: The Pixel Inquisitor. (Probably spiraling into madness.)
Rating Orb LiadyC: The High Priest of Pixels. (Yep, holy spells with pixels.)
Rating Orb karavalenge: The Pixel Sage. (The all knowing on pixels...Not really.)
Rating Orb raventhefree: The Pixelated Bird of Freedom. (Are pixels suitable for flight?)
Rating Orb Eragon: The Pixelated Dragon Rider. (His name, but in pixels.)
Rating Orb Voltox: The Pixelated Pixel. (The name states it all.)
Rating Orb Oddeye: The Pixel Watcher. (Yep, safari expert on pixels.)

I was thinking of making pixel art of every member based on their title.
But now I've started to lose innovation and motivation.... I'm making the art through sprites, but I'm wanting to go bigger...
But every attempt looks like arse... I'll come back to this when I've grown in drawer talent...

Spoiler for Tutorials:

Well I've run out of stuff to say and I can hear barking outside my window. So for anyone reading, goodbye!
Spoiler for unusable entry:

> Wonder if SAM G has seen this.

I bet that would not be pretty....