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Location:United States United States
Religion:jehovah witness
Alignment:Neutral Good

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  • videogames
  • truth
  • pizza
  • star wars
  • love


  • lies
  • traders
  • vegetables
  • anything thats not fun
  • mean ppl

Mental Irregularities


Hello and you might not know me but i can be a great friend till you know and i am very careful on picking friends because not every body is trust worthy trust me. Plus i can be a little bossy but and all we can do is get along. In games i like to be more of a balanced type as long it doesn't take very long to be a balanced i am not talking about my personal life cause who does that so this may be a short one but if you need help i can help you if i want.

If you guys don't know what a Jehovah witness is its a religion of worship that talks about the true god and will take away the bad stuff that priest say that "god is the one that steal your love ones"and its not true so here for now bye.
(Extra post)

So really wat I put up there ^^^ well its because im 12 see and ill wait till I get older and if you see any spelling mistakes just let me know its probally me or the keyboard. (see yea later!!!!!)