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Location:United States United States
Alignment:Chaotic Good

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  • Thoughtful RPGs
  • Anime
  • Halo
  • Red vs. Blue
  • Sci-Fi/some fantasy
  • Drawing/shading artwork
  • The ol\\\' Cafe Kong days...
  • World of Warcraft
  • Listening to the Rain...


Mental Irregularities

  • I suppose paranoia, thats just usually when Im the only one in the house though. Sometimes.
  • Not too sure, I guess I might find out later in the future...


- Uh..I usually tend to think...alot. A lot of it has to do with mostly myself: Why am I here? What is my destiny in this life? How can I make the world a less crappier place? Why am I usually alone, without a "Bro" or best-friend type figure?

- And it continues into many different aspecs, such as world problems, local problems (i.e. most people where I live are idiotic/etc.), careers, how things work, existence, the possible futures both near and far ahead, and much, much more.

- I tend to be creative, and I do have a passion for expressing my creativity in my art, which expresses myself and whatever is going through my head for extended periods of time. My "digital" art can look pretty awesome, but can pale in comparison to, say, some of the top-rated art in the Kongregate collabs section. For some reason, I havent got the hang on drawing on my computer, or been able to get a high enough quality of a drawn-then-digitalized artwork on there. I usually end up making random (or not so random) shapes, adding a few colors and effects, perhaps some text, and voila, done. Might take me 10 minutes or days depending on what my goal is and if it changed any.

- The reason why I tend to play games more than anything is because I don't have someone to hang-out with. If I have free time (no work/school/sports/chores time) then Im usually on my computer and sometimes my 360.

- Going to add/change stuff here in the future. Seems kinda empty. Perhaps as to why I chose my likes/dislikes?

- Recently took a free Jung test. Results: INTJ. Rather hit close to home, I didn't think it'd be nearly right on target.
- See: [LINK]
7/2/2011 - I do like listening to music like Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Love Hurts - Incubus, Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkle, and more. Depends on the mood Im in, I guess. For example, when I feel all alone, with no-one to really talk to and how I feel. No girlfriend to speak of, and every girl I want to ask out either has a boyfriend/other or doesn't care. Really sucks when most of the people you go to school don't care either. I swear, they pretty much ruined my childhood because they never decided to be nice. And as such, I built up a wall, and learned to be by myself, and im the only that I can depend on. It certainly opened my eyes in a lot respects, but also made me not aware of quite a few things. It certainly made me tougher, at least on the outside. That "feels like crying on the inside" thing happens a lot...especially every time I meet a girl who actually likes talking to me, and then we depart, and I never hear from her again. Makes me wonder, is this supposed to happen? Is their some purpose for this for later on down the road? Who will be with me...? I don't know anymore. This dreadful sadness from this keeps happening. Not going to kill myself from it (already decided its not worth it :P) , but, just the thought of it makes me wonder if things will ever change. I hope so, or this will be a long dreadful life...

On the plus side, I did finally get one artwork uploaded and even edited to look the way I wanted it. See: [LINK]

-.- Life is dull without people you like being around...