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Personal Info

Location:United States United States
Alignment:Lawful Neutral

Contact Info

MSNNot likely that I have one.


  • Guitars, Trumpets, Piano
  • Fender, Other guitar companies
  • Music, anything catchy at all
  • Reading, Math
  • Online games
  • Close friends
  • Sea animals!
  • RPGs
  • Mardek! And Beast Signer!


  • Mushrooms
  • Perfume shops
  • Scratchy sounds
  • Cocky people
  • Big rackets (loud noises)
  • Getting messy
  • People who blabber on seemingly for days
  • History class, bleh...

Mental Irregularities

  • Short Term Memory Loss


I really like the guitar company ''Fender'' as you can probably tell.
I also LOVE this color code thingamajig so...It would be nice if you gave me
a ''color code.'' :D

Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf Seems to dislike guitars...I that's perfectly okay, but I feel the urge to explain why
I like guitars so much. I'm not a fan of playing ''electric guiitar.'' I lean more into
the line of ''classical guitar.''( Well, It's called something like that.) I don't see
guitar as a symbol of some kind of ''cool'' aspect. I see guitar as a very versatile
instrument, and you can express yourself in many ways through it.

I do not know what the actual meaning of the saying "Fender Bender" is,
I know it has to do with cars and maybe agressive attitude.
( Oh, I just know that's incorrect.)
And I am such a sloth that I'll never know until who-knows-when...

The Four Temperments! How they intrigue me so! There's not much to
say about this other than the fact that I do believe that they influence my very
actions everyday.

I've developed an ( you might say,) unusual habit of adding in commas.
A lot. Maybe even too much...Nevertheless it is now a habit, and
it being a some-what negative habit makes it worthy of trying to be
fixed. Maybe a complete stranger like yourself ( whoever you may be)
might try to help me.
Obviously, this is not required, but just in case, you could.
( There I go again; three commas in one sentence. I must be rid of this!)

Oh, why do I post these random facts of myself in such a disorganised fashion,
I'll never know...


Looks: Average
I am of average height, but I wish to grow taller, and
well, my eyes are brown...That's really rare, huh?
Brown eyes...

Fitness: Below Average
I can do ten half push-ups. That equals five full ones! Yay!

Social Skills: Below Average
I'm not good at greeting or saying much in particular, so that's why
I don't go on the chat often. I'm working on it though...

Coolness: Poor
Cool? Pfft...Who needs cool?

Confidence: Below Average
Nope. I don't have much confidence in myself.

Independence: Above Average
During school projects, I tend to do things by myself, avoiding
contact with other students. I fear that I might ruin something,
and working alone is comfortable to me, that is.

Tolerance: Great
It's quite hard for me to become angry at somebody.
"What's there to get angry about?" I say to myself,
and it's just part of my nature to not get mad easily.

Empathy: Above Avergae
I usually am careful of what to say. I mean...I wouldn't
feel too good if someone became annoyed at me. That would be
horrible. Yes.

Niceness: Great
Well, I couldn't be mean to someone. That would be rude.

Tact: Above Average
I think about what to type. I try avoiding stating any thoughts
that could provoke somebody.

Honesty: Average
Sometimes I can say a "white lie" time and again,
to be honest. ( Wow, that was ironic.)

Intelligence: Above average
Mathmatical! Um, that's not a real word...
My vocabulary is a little rusty too.

Wisdom: Below Average
Well, I'm only thirteen after all, yes?

Sense of Humour: Below Average
Oh my, heavens no! I think of my ability to entertain
people and such to be quite..."terrible." I'm often serious,
but that's not to say that I'm mad or anything.

Introspection: Below Average
Apparently, I do not know myself all that much; This section
of my bio goes through a never ending phase of editing, changing
and what-not.

Creativity: Below Average
No, I'm not too creative. I get ideas after I see things,
then base it heavily on what I've seen.

Optimism: Average
I look on the positive side normally, but I have my doubts.

Pride/Vanity: Feeble
That would be very arrogant of I to say such things about my abilities.

Envy: Poor
I have learned to be content with what I have through many
valuable life lessons. If I want "that new, sparkly thingamabob,"
I'd have to work hard to get it.

Gluttony: Average
I have a weak stomach. Especially when I'm in the car...
If I ate that much well...My creativity is lacking so I can't put it
into description. I'd eat a lot..If it was seafood...or Crab. Yum.

Greed/Avarice: Average
I get very greedy with the computer. Other than that and my
personal belongings I'm good...Which when I think about it
is basically everything that I find worth value to me.

Lust: Average
It's average...I don't know how to further explain.

Sloth: Great
I'm very um, slothy-ish. I procrastinate like there was no tomorrow!

Wrath/Anger: Above Average
I can contain myself, but if you cross the line...
Well, I'm sure you wouldn't be that afraid. Really.

Self-Esteem: Below Average
Confident is not me. Nopey nope, nope.

( This terrible excuse of a bio is to be edited time and again; expect little
changes once in a while.)