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Location:United States United States
Ethnicity:Volga German
Alignment:True Neutral

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Mental Irregularities


I consider myself an INTj in the Socionics personality system, which is very similar to Myers-Briggs. That seems to correspond best with classical "Phlegmatic" but I couldn't agree with some of the features of Phlegmatic as described on this site, such as low self-esteem. I have low tolerance for personality classifications that are an imperfect match (and Phlegmatic-Melancholic or Phlegmatic-Sanguine - both of which fit in some ways - won't do because they don't specify what fits from which).

Second pass: "the Wizard, the Scientist, the Logician, the Advisor, the Developer" describes me extremely well. Picked "Melancholic/Phlegmatic" out of a desire to tone down the "emotional" implication of that.

I seldom fear anything or think little of myself because I view those thoughts as useless. I consider myself highly competent in a few areas (mostly strictly logical, i.e. most of programming and mathematics), and generally take a tautological approach ("it is what it is") toward things that would result in negative emotions if I passed judgement on them. Hence my emotions are rather self-serving, and I rely on logic to navigate reality. I make a strong effort to treat others fairly, but I'm liable to ignore others' emotions if I can't identify the logical sense behind them. I seem to fit the definition of "Autistic" fairly well, though I reject psychiatric disorders as a generally bogus system. In my view, inner conflict is the only mental disorder.

I currently believe my religion to be "theological noncognitivist" which is basically the view that religion is nonsense. "Atheist" is the closest thing that doesn't run afoul of the length limit (which is 20 characters in case anyone cares).

The avatar was originally created by Simon J. Bielecki ( [LINK] ).