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Location:United Kingdom United Kingdom
Alignment:Neutral Evil

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  • fig hunter
  • the unknown
  • Philosophy
  • rpgs (Especially mardek)
  • Asperger syndrome
  • friends
  • debates
  • friends


  • cool
  • Racism
  • Sexism (on both sides)
  • my spelling
  • Asperger syndrome
  • religion
  • Facebook

Mental Irregularities

  • Asperger syndrome.
  • A mild case of aphephobia or the fear of being touched.


I believe that thiere is no god and divine purpose to life for several reasons firstly is that I believe that no creature with such power could ever allow the thing that effect the world to happen to the creatures he/she created the second reason for my belief is the exact opposite from the first in that how could anyone allow thiere creations to do such harm upon the planet (we created weapons that can do such damage to the planet that nothing can survive in the area effected for decades.) and the 3rd reason I shall explain here is the huge inconsistency’s in the bible for example in the theory of creation it took god 3 days just to fully create a single planet yet he/she created millions more along with things hundreds of times bigger in just one (what did he have a box full that he forgot about until just then?)

I put my race as human because that is all anyone needs to know in my view all the knowledge of where we come from brings is hate people should judge me and the rest of the human race by my personality (so i dont have much chance then) and I think that all I need to say about that.


I think this is obvious pseudo is epic and so are his games, the only down side is that he will sometimes get rid of some great games.

The world is full of amazing things and I love to find out about them

This links in with the previous one I like to create thoughts about the universe and compare them with others

Games are great (especially pseudos) and in my view rpgs are the best of them (especially pseudos) they give a chance to escape from reality when it gets too much which as we all know life can

as shown in my mental profile I have as which makes up a huge part of my personality especially the things that I like most about myself such as my thirst for knowledge and it has also helped me get friends who I may not of had otherwise

I know I put down friends twice the reason for that is the fact that my friends are the most important things in my life I would do almost anything for them (including dance once, you can ask me if you want it isn’t as funny as it sounds)

Debates point out flaws in our argument thus forcing us to correct them so without debates we would have a completely unrefined world

This is much for the same reason as pseudo in that people spend thiere whole lives trying to be cool hiding the things that make them the person they are and that if you deviate from this set behavior you are alienated from a huge part of society

I hate racism we all come from the same place originally so why should you get discriminated against just because of the color of your skin (which by the way does have a purpose for both black and white skin again you can ask but it isn’t that exiting)

sexism is pointless you should not get judged just because of the addition or lack of a couple of bits of anatomy likewise thiere should not be any monetary or social benefits or disadvantages for your gender it should all be down to the specific person

I have always had trouble with my writing in all ways but the only one that translates in to both real life and my activities on the computer is the spelling problem this usually means looking sloppy or having conversations with my spellcheck both of which are incredibly annoying for most people in the line (me, the person I am conversing with and my computer (and do you spend too much time on the computer if you refer to it as a person?))

yes I know put this at both likes and dislikes and as I said Asperger’s makes up a big part of my personality which is why I both love and hate it if I didn’t have it I would probably have more friends and I would understand people’s feelings more but all in all it makes up my personality and I would never change that

I do not like religion not because I don’t believe in it but because of the things it makes people do over the years entire wars have been declared over religious purposes and it just seems foolish that all those people died just because some guys couldn’t decide which guys friend was walking around upstairs

I hate Facebook it gives trolls a bigger chance to cause distress and stops people from having real conversations

Asperger syndrome is a condition that effects a person’s brain it slightly changes the way the person works which often makes them seem weird to other people so they often are not the most popular people they also often seem smart due to Asperger’s making them obsess over 1 or 2 things driving them to collect all the knowledge about those interests (we have won a good proportion of Nobel prizes). Although Asperger’s mostly affects the brain it also has an impact on motor function usually reducing hand eye coordination. Asperger’s is not made up of one thing it is from a selection of different symptoms which are present in everybody therefore everyone has Asperger’s the people who have been diagnosed just have a higher concentration of those symptoms

this is a hard one I have never really had much confidence in my looks with people always pointing out the flaws in them but alternatively I have had many friends who are girls and a girlfriend (yes just 1 I have never been confident with "chatting up" girls and prefer to be friends (actually it was another friend who set us up once again you can ask but it is not that exiting)) none of who seemed repulsed by me and I even had a random girl call me handsome so all in all I don’t know

I am not fit I have never enjoyed sports and don’t do them and I don’t really care either

I have never been confidant in social situations due to my Asperger’s and although I have been improving I am still quite bad at it

I don’t like cool and have never tried to be so

I am not confident

I do not like to do these things but I can do them if I have to

I can be intolerant because I feel strongly about things

Due to my Asperger’s I am not very empathetic but I am improving

How nice I am depends if you are my friend I will do almost anything for you if you are my enemy I will openly hate you

I say what I mean

I am usually an honest person and I am quite bad at lying

due to my Asperger’s I have a few subjects I am very interested in and focus on them so I do know a lot but it is in a fairly limited branch of knowledge

As I have said before I am not a people’s person and I frequently make mistakes when communicating with others

Because of my Asperger’s I find different things funny to most people

I know myself quite well but I don’t spend too much time focusing on it

I am not that creative

I don’t focus on the positive

I tend to brag but I often don’t mean it

I am happy with what I have

I eat a lot but get a balanced diet as well

Again I am happy with what I have

Basically average male

I am lazy

I don’t really get angry

I am not that confident in myself