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Personal Info

Location:European Union European Union
Alignment:Neutral Good

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  • School, Free time, Woods, Nightmares,
  • A quick rest, Good comedy, Being curious,
  • Non-childish, rasist & obvious jokes, Breakfast,
  • Farms, Souper, Rocko,
  • Flint, Charley, Delphi
  • Professor Layton-like
  • puzzles, Thinking, Games, Running
  • Animal Planet, Discovery Channel,
  • Biologie, Pathologie, Foreign science,
  • Having something to solve, A enjoyable chat.


  • Homework, Being caled a nerd,
  • Chatspeak, Doing something useless (this),
  • Not having guts against someone you hate,
  • Childishness for someone my age or older,
  • Being told what to do,
  • Not allowed to do something,
  • Broken promisses, Puberty,
  • Disliking something without reason,
  • Somebody speading lies about someone,
  • Making more DISLIKES.

Mental Irregularities

  • AUTISME - It lowers my social skills and indipendance. Worst thing of autisme is, everyone thinks you are an idiot. (aside from, familly, (good!) friends and pets.)
  • ADHA - Well, actually I don't have it but my parrent were thinking this before it was clear that it was [Look above].
  • PUBERTY - I hate this, and yet i'm in it. (dangit.)


Just to clarify everything:

Age: 13 - I feel very much younger.
Country: European Union - Actually it's Holland or Dutchland.

(Let's skip that one)

Colour: Deep Blue - Actually my favorite colour is Sky Blue, but this colour seems to calm me down.
Alignment: Lawfull Neutral - I never did actually do anything BAD, but also barely did something GOOD. Although I'm trying to.
Class: Philosopher - Mmm, let me say I'm rather a thinker more than a fighter.
(Let's skip temperment, I'm quite unpredictaple.)

School - The only place I'm learning. Allas, it's infested with todlers from my age!
Free Time: I like it becaus you can do what you want, so not this, uh.
Woods: Nice to have a walk throught the woods, the air is (nearly) always fresher.
Nightmares: I see you guys looking, but I actually like nightmares, becaus I always know it's fake, so I have nothing to be scared of. I like the fact that you can compare most nightmares with a puzzle: Every single one has its anser, and out of curiousity, I want to find it.
A quick rest: Always quite refreshing.
Good comedy: Who doesn't like a good laugh? Well I do.
Being curious: It'll always lead to something. This is what I have in the back of my head then.
Non-childish, rasist & obvious jokes: [Look at Good comedy]
Breakfast: Ok-ok, I like to eat.
Farms: I will be a farmer becaus, you can be outside and do something (usefull). Various other reasons but it'll fill this book.
Souper: Aaah, FOOD!!!
Rocko: Ah, my dog. He's 13 and getting grumpy already. He had a rough time some days ago, but it's private, so put away your noses!
Flint: He's pretty a reflection of me, even my age, but then with 4 paws. He's an unbelievable couch potato, likes to beg for treats (hehe) and he'll admit it!
Charley: Nice cat, is the best friend, and mentor of Delphie. So gentle... Probably that's why Delphie kicks his ass.
Delphi: Hahaha, my little cat (6 months now), al-ways mischivous! She lunches at everything that moves, including my dog and me.
Layton-like puzzles: DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME A NERD! ...ahem, his puzzles are the most braincracking puzzles ever.
Thinking: I like the way how thinking makes you think. For example, why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
Games: What do you think what brought me here?
Running: Look at my Mental Irregularities (Woohoo, did it in 1 time!). This was the reason for that.
Animal Planet: Nearly nothing else on TV for me, but sometimes its quite intresting.
Discovery Channel: Ever watched Test Your Brain? I did and I was completely astonnisched.
Biologie: It's Animal Planet, but then just 45 minutes & you'll always learn something. (If it weren't for those annoying toddler classmates.)
Pathologie: This fasinated me since childhood (since 6 months ago).
Foreighn science: Yeah, I really like this one! Admit it, this is so exiting.
Having something to solve: It keeps me bussy for the whole day.
An enjoyable chat: It kills time and you get to know eachother better.

Homework: It kills time, that may be right, but when i'm done it's nighty-night, and I know tommorow i'll be as tired, grumpy & annoying as i'll ever be.
Being called a nerd: I don't care if i'm one, 'caus if i'm one, campared with the one that called me so, i'm smart. (And it's mostly the classmates that call me that. See what i've done here?!)
Chatspeak: They think it's funny to cht liek dis LOL, but I don't understand it! What do they say?!
Doing something useless: Writing is usefull, math is usefull, history is useless, it's already in the past, I didn't care untill it was 'important' for school to know years out of my head.
Not having guts to anyone you hate: O gods, if someone teases you around like a doll you need to bite back. But i'm to much of a coward to do so. Uhh, i realy hate this!
Childishness for someone my age or older: You can't understand them! They have their own psycologie which makes no sense (the can have theiir own psycologie, only theyrs makes no sense).
Being told what to do: They can do that, but it has to make sense. Otherwise, what would be the use of that?
Not allowed to do something: Pots and drinks and stuff, I don't need them, but something you prefer as important.
Broken promisses: Oh! You'll need a really good reason to break MY promise. When you promise something, you hold to that!
Puberty: Puberty makes large toddlers prefer sex a funny. Hmp. (Oh damn. The whole dislike section is moaning about everything! Sorry for that.).
Disliking something without a reason: For all I think, you can hate everything! But hating something without a reason, is just crazy.
Someone spreading lies about someone: They mostly do it for the sake of it, to feel important, crazy.
Making more DISLIKES: I'm so tired.


LOOKS: I don't see myself as ugly, but hansome is far away for me.
FITNESS: I can jogg for a little time, I can walk forever, but it doesn,t take a minute for me to drop down when i'm running.