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Location:United States United States
Ethnicity:Very Ethical (oh wai
Alignment:True Neutral

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  • knowledge, silence, and concentration
  • Knowing of the unknown, new ideas
  • Clean games that have a point and storyline
  • Strategy Games
  • Being with family
  • Programming
  • Books and reading and things
  • The stories I make in my dreams
  • Going for bike rides
  • asociating with people I can relate to


  • Not being able to reach my goal of omniscience
  • greed. It causes most problems
  • explaining things to people, especially when they
  • arenot listening
  • most people I meet from day to day
  • being unable to contribute to this site
  • the imminent occurrence of death
  • the general stupidity of most people
  • loud, repetitive noises and screechy guitars
  • Those moments of stupidity...

Mental Irregularities


Due to questions, I feel like posting here the origins of Armun-Sul.

From an unnamed planet deep in the unknown regions of space came Armun-Sul, granted the name of a great past leader when he discovered an herb that enhanced mental abilities. He had gone out to a nearby planet for further studies and ending up creating a potion. Being a curious being, he drank it. The potion nearly killed him and left his face horribly disfigured. However, he found that he now possessed incredible mental power. Though it is almost not worth mentioning, on that same planet he also found a sword which he would modify and it would eventually be donned The Sword of Armun-Sul.

When he returned to his home city, he found it to be completely deserted. Not another of his people in sight. After a short bit of searching, however, he found a great being composed of shadows. It called itself the Valron. Armun-Sul learned that the Valron had killed every last one of his people, but there was a pocket of refugees deep beneath the surface of the planet, locked in a stasis such that they could not be harmed. Instead of killing him, the Valron cursed Armun-Sul that he would never be able to return to his home planet, and the last of his people. The Valron then cursed him that he would also remain alive forever, knowing that he was not the last of his people, but unable to return to them.

Having little idea what to do now, Armun-Sul wandered the universe on his ship, the First Ascent. He made countless modifications to the strange sword he found, forming it into a powerful weapon, even greater the weapons of war made by his people. He still searches for the Valron, seeking to slay it and return to his people.

Or does he?

Hail <font color="aqua">SAPPHIROSMAGORIATHANJATEPMIOS</font>!