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Location:Germany Germany
Ethnicity:most likely human
Alignment:Neutral Good

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  • reading books
  • reading books twice
  • yeah, also reading mangas
  • the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett
  • the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • and the following books by Douglas Adams
  • to sum it up fantasy and sf and humor
  • drawing, well lets call it scribbling
  • tabletennis
  • flash games


  • boring books (even sometimes fantasy and sf)
  • Wolfgang Hohlbein (because he writes the
  • crappiest fantasy I know, and even en massse)
  • people who talk bad about mangas
  • sports other than tabletennis
  • alcohol
  • partys (because of the alcohol)
  • difficult flash games (but only because I\'m bad
  • at loosing)
  • smokers

Mental Irregularities



I am a 21 year old guy who still lives with his parents. I'm rather tall and find it pretty shocking every time I meet somebody who's taller than me. I am a Berliner (not like that fake-Berliner whatwashisname Kennedy but a real Berliner who was born in Berlin and lives in Berlin and will probably for his entire life because it's far too inconvenient to move from here). Berlin lies in Germany. It is, in fact, the capital of Germany. But this got nothing to do with me. I just want to educate you.

I study Physical Engineering at the TU Berlin.

I play tabletennis since I was about 9 or 10 years old, I can't really remember anymore, and it's quite shocking how bad I am regarding how long I played it. I'm volunteering (quite) to coach the children of my tabletennisclub, which can be pretty annoying, because children are annoying (I'm rather impressed at how most of the 14 years and younger ones at this site can act quite mature compared to the ones I know IRL, so to say)I also am a tabletennis umpire, licensed and everything. I draw tabletennis cartoons for the website of my club and a tabletennis comic, too. But only tabletennis players can understand them properly. And they have to speak German, too, I'm afraid.

I do not talk often but when I talk I tend to talk too much (there is a complicity between these two attributes of mine)

Sometimes my attitude gets rather arrogant without me realising it. Later, I will feel bad about it because I usually don't like arrogance.

I like sheeps. Their dumbness is just adorable.

I love reading books.

I also read many mangas.

I play many flash games.

I eat too much.

I procrastinate way too much (right know when I'm writing this I should really learn for an exam the next day)

"And now to something completely different:"
(those who does not know where this quote is from does not deserve to know where this quote is from)

mathematician jokes
(most of them do better in German(because my translation skills suck))

-How does a mathematician trap the whole world? - He draws a circle around himself and defines himself as *outside*.

-An experimental physician, a theoretical phyisician, a biologist, a theologist and a mathematician are going into a bar. There is a room in the back, which is entered by 10 people and after a time 11 people leave the room. *Ah,* says the experimental physician *no problem: that is the normal observational error.* *That would have been a tunnelling then*, says the theoretical physician. *It is natural for humans to procreate, afterall* says the biologist. *A miracle! A miracle!* claims the theologist. *Well*, says the mathematician *if now somebody enters the room, it would be empty.*

-There are three kind of people in this world: The ones who can count and the ones who cannot.

-How does a mathematician water flowers with an empty water can? - He takes the watercan, goes to a water tap, puts the can under the tap, opens the tap, waits until the watercan is full, closes the tap and then waters the flowers. How does a mathematician water flowers with a full watercan? - He empties the can and reduces the problem to something already known.

-An engineer, a physician and a mathematician stay at an inn. The inn catches fire. What do they do? The engineer takes the extinguisher, extinguishes the flames and goes back to sleep. The physician tries to measure the temperatur of the flames to find out if they are really hot enough to be a threat and burns up. The mathematician seeks the extinguisher, finds him and, there was a problem, there is a solution therefore everything is perfectly fine, goes back to sleep and burns up.

Books I read and found good
(the ones with no English translation are in brackets and I translated the titles freely)

By Terry Pratchett:

The Discworld series:
-The Colour of Magic
-The Light Fantastic
-Equal Rites
-Wyrd Sisters
-Moving Pictures
-Witches Abroad
-Small Gods
-Lords and Ladies
-Men at Arms
-Soul Music
-Interesting Times
-Feed of Clay
-The Last Continent
-Carpe Jugulum
-The Fifth Elephant
-Thief of Time
-The Last Hero
-The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
-Night Watch
-The Wee Free Men
-Monstrous Regiment
-A Hat Full of Sky
-Going Postal
-Making Money
-Unseen Academicals
-I Shall Wear Midnight

The Johnny Maxwell series:
-Only You Can Save Mankind
-Johnny and The Dead
-Johnny and The Bomb

-The Dark Side of The Sun
-The Carpet People
-The Nome Trilogy

Terry Pratchett with Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen:

-The Science of Discworld
-The Science of DiscworldII: The Globe
-The Science of DiscworldIII: Darwin's Watch

Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman:
-Good Omens

By Neil Gaiman:


By Douglas Adams:

-The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
-The Restaurant at the End of The Universe
-Life, The Universe and Everything
-So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish
-Mostly Harmless
-Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
-The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

By Walther Moers:

-A Wild Ride Through The Night
-The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear
(-Ensel and Krete)
-Rumo and His Miraculous Adventures
-The City of Dreaming Books
-The Alchemaster's Apprentice
(-The Labyrinth of Dreaming Books)

By Cornelia Funke:

-Dragon Rider
-The Thief Lord
-Igraine the Brave
-When Santa Fell to Earth

By Leonie Swann:

-Three Bags Full

By Kai Meyer:

-The Flowing Queen
-The Stone Light
-The Glass word
(-the Cloud People Trilogy)

By Michael Ende:

-The Satanarchaeolidealcohellish Notion Potion

By Markus Heitz:

-The Dwarves
-War of The Dwarves
-Reveng of The Dwarves
(-Destiny of the Dwarves)
(-the Children of Judas)

By Philip Pullman:

the Dark Material Trilogy:
-The Golden Compass
-The Subtle Knife
-The Amber Spyglass

By Kenneth Oppel:

The Silverwing Saga:

The Airborn Saga:

By J.R.R. Tolkien:

-The Hobbit
-The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

By J.K. Rowling:

-Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
-Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets
-the other ones aren't good anymore just about average

This is of course not complete. If I ever feel the need to do something instead of something really important which I do not want to do, then I will add more.