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Personal Info

Location:Australia Australia
Religion:I have some theories
Alignment:Chaotic Good

Contact Info



  • Video Games.
  • Boxing.
  • Bleach (The show not the chemical :P)
  • Movies.. Including chick flicks..... *ashamed* T.T
  • Singing.
  • Stirring Teachers ;P Haha
  • Drawing/painting/sketching/et cetera..
  • The colour blue :D
  • Coca Cola. ^_^
  • Torrents of rain on the roof at night.


  • Meat. (Besides chicken breast.. And lasagna)
  • People who don\'t use proper English whilst typi
  • Heights.. I can\'t even go in my 1m high treehou
  • Crying...
  • Cold days (When I\'m not in front of a heater)
  • Idiots that act like they\'re \
  • Being clumsy... :(
  • Pepsi.. -.-
  • Spiders O.o Even the little ones...
  • Liars... Double -.-

Mental Irregularities

  • - Well I used to depressed.. In fact I've only recently risen from the drab, grey world I once inhabited.
  • - I have OCD. Some of the things I freak out over even worry me sometimes.
  • - I have extreme anger problems.
  • - I think it's bipolar where your mood changes like someone's flipped a switch? I have that.
  • - I can't confide in other people. (This sort of comes under my OCD I think.)
  • - I'm always cold.. Don't really know what the deal is there.
  • - I have a LOT of irrational fears, even phobia


I am a 16 yr old guy living in Victoria, Australia.. But you already know that from my other stats. What you may not know is that I am in year 10 at highschool. I aspire to be a psychologist/sociologist/criminologist. In other words a psychologist that focuses on human behaviour and criminals. I am extremely interested in how the criminal mind works and what makes serial killers and such "tick". My three favourite classes are Psychology, English (I know, nerd right.), and 2D Art. I'm pretty creative and I guess I'm a pretty good artist. By the way, I realy REEALLY hate talking about myself :/ I also feel like I sound full of it or boastful. Just so you know, I'm not. I'm just trying to honest with you guys.

I am, I suppose, a rather humorous person. Although I do not find myself funny, I have been told I am.. And people tend to find me amusing.

I am a self proclaimed nerd. I love video games, hate sport and well, exercise in general really (besides boxing). Though I am actually fit... Somehow? I play a loooot of video games, am waaay into fantasy, sci-fi, etc, and love to draw that type of thing. I would much rather be inside during a nice day playing a good video game (Eg; God of War or Halo (Hell to the yeah!!)) than be outside playing footy or something.. I also love Disney films and even chick flicks and sop stories. I am also immensely ashamed to say that.. I cry.. In most.. Movies.... SHUTUP!! T.T I am also a bit of a scaredy cat. While I will happily sit down and watch a scary movie, they usually come back to haunt me. Another embarrassing fact about me: I am petrified of the dark. I am also claustrophobic, which comes into my fear of the dark. I also sleep with a teddy bear.. Er, teddy cow? He's a heatpack cow that I sleep with. His name's Mr. Cow :)

Hmm.. What else to include... Oh, I have a rather large family. I have two brothers, three sisters, a mum and step-dad, and father and step-mother. I also have an immense extended family on my dad's side - his friends are family, their families are family, etc. I am, I hate to admit, a pretty smart little cookie. I very rarely get less than a B or A- at school.. However, I DO tend to do a lot of.. Well... Just plain stupid things. I am also extremely clumsy and often manage to trip over allmost everything I happen upon.

I also have quite a few nationalities in me. I'm predominantly German and English. I also have Irish, Scottish, Bulgarian, Italian and a very small amount of Chinese (Though you would never guess the Chinese part by looking at me).

I suppose I should give a basic description of my appearance too, for those who are wondering who this strang boy is.. I have medium length, dyed black hair. It's in a kind of shaggy stye at the moment, I need to get it cut but I just know the hairdressers will stuff it up.. AGAIN -.- Anywho, I also have quite blue eyes. They change colour throughout the year too, mostly just from blue to grey and back again. I have pale, but not pallid, skin. My complexion is pretty good, I rarely get pimples or anything. I'm of average height (about 5' 7" at last check) and I weigh about 57 kilos. I have an average sized nose I think, it's straight and slightly upturned at the tip. I also have fairly normal looking lips. Come to think of it.. I'm probably the most normal looking/proportioned person I have ever seen O.o I think I'm attractive... I've been told I am? I don't believe them *narrows eyes* They're all liars... Maybe? O.o

I have my very own, intensely thought through theories on religion ^_^ I believe strongly in what conclusions I have come to, and nobody so far has been able to convince me otherwise. However, I am very tolerant of other people's religions and I almost always understand where they're coming from with their beliefs. I have thought extensively about death and higher powers and such. I believe in something much like Greek mythology. I believe there are multiple Gods and Godesses that each control different elements of our world. I do not think that one intelligence could have possibly created such a vast variety of components and elements like there are on Earth. I also believe that, when you die, one of three things can happen. If you die in an accident - or before your time - you have a chance to, if you choose, live out the remainder of your life in a sort of spirit world that is much like our own. If you die when you are originally destined to, you have a choice of two future existences. You can either enter a heaven-like realm where you can live out eternity in happiness.. Or you can choose to be reincarnated as either a human, or something else. I also believe in true love and soulmates. However silly you may think it is, I hope that one day I'll meet my soulmate and we'll live our lives in eternal bliss *sighs dreamily* It all sounds a little silly I know but, in my opinion, how are you ever going to be happy if you don't believe in something like this?

Oh by the way!! I forgot to tell you all my name :) It's Alex. Alexander Eike... I'm not telling you my last name *narrows eyes suspiciously* Who knows who you might be..!! And I know my middle name is strange. I'm German on my dad's side as I said earlier, and Eike is a German name meaning "edge of a sword", which I think is pretty cool.. :)