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Location:United States United States
Alignment:Chaotic Evil

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  • hacking
  • fire emblem and tactical
  • gaming
  • hunting
  • hockey/soccer/ any type of strategy
  • rock music
  • winter/night
  • game design
  • war history and strategy
  • building work


  • posers
  • art
  • hot day
  • baseball
  • one a bees
  • pop
  • rap
  • crackers the computer type
  • non fps/rpg/mmorpg/strategy
  • mexican food

Mental Irregularities


i just got out of college with a degree in solid works and got a job at steam and blizzard entertainment as designers i also help make cataclysm and design the warlock class as a intern. i currently starting learning computer speak like java and python which means computer codes and i been trying to find some new ideas to pich to my boss or i get kicked like the last guy. i am on a project with ijji and helping with ava and stop a lot of glitches hehe helping me more then them. well i am kind of a dark person i been doing a lot of evil side of games which i am pretty good at and i am trying to sstart making nice things for the other part of games which i suck at because i think of nice as sun shine and butterflys. send me a message and we can hook up with a design and talk about a game or 2 to make over skype or something.
well i was deciding from the nickname i have from every day life icecold or my nick name in college from being a little psycho at times scottonpot
WHY a designer
i have a love to help create games that test someone by strategy and a love to make people think about what do i do now and help them do what i love to do build a strategy if any of u played sid myers on my server u would see a national rank 3 for north america and that's not from playing deity matches every day. i also like to create a style of history fiction and a style of fun and creativity or an fps thats always good
i know a bit i use every time like python java and action script but solid works is the greatest program out there so try to learn it as fast as possible to get ahead of the curve
world of warcraft great game i am a hord 85 undead warlock named lolobear and 85 dwarf mage wtfdoinameme 85 troll shaman pedobear
sid meiers civilization
best game ever i play every day on diety and rank 3 in north america play every day steam accoun GMicecold
how many games i play
well wow ava plants vs zombie axis vs allies rank 5 in north america sid mieirs every addition lemonade tycoon chess and risk
personal life
like to read study WW2 battle tactics and famous fronts and battle European theater, i love hunting,sports and i love the occasional bear pong game
who cares what i think lol
world of warecraft=grind quest lol
i give no spoilers for any updates for wow other then level cap being raised and a new class being made
the legend icecold
started me playing hockey and i would send someone in the hospital every game and thats kind of easy to tell
first game maid or helped
wow warlock class assisted and its the greatest ever
favorite sport teams
eagles flyers ac milan
favorite fire arm
kar98k luger and mp40
best moment
hacking your comouter lol jk
i am now learning english more i foregot to say i am from Leipzig Germany
so Auf Wiedersegen und bis spater