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Location:United States United States
Alignment:True Neutral

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  • Classical music
  • Pizza
  • Ramen noodle soup
  • Quiet
  • Darkness
  • Mardek RPG
  • Rain
  • This site
  • cooking
  • Manga


  • Flies
  • Myself
  • Life
  • Rap music
  • my step-sisters
  • Cocky people

Mental Irregularities

  • None of which i know.


Here's a charecter i made up. ( SOME of his personaloty is from a show. ) P.S Sorry for in-correct spelling.
Sex: Male
AGE: around 18-19
Element: Aether
Alignment: True neutral

Personality: he isn't mean, but he isn't nice either. He doesn't talk a whole lot. He is Very powerful.
Weapon: Scythe
Clothes: Kind of white, sort of spiked hair. Black cloak with a little blue. Very sharp teeth.
he's usually wearing a hood. he's got a fang sticking outta his mouth.

People call him, " Shark " because of his sharp teeth.

Backstory: ( Sorry if the backstory is lame. ) He joined the guard, so he could help to, " Keep the world in balance. " If you were in the guard too, you'd be lucky for him to be your partner, cause' as i said, he's pretty tough. He does have alot of spells, and if he get's TOO angry, or if he's in a tight situation, his eyes will glow red, and demon wings will BURST out of his back, wich is his demon form. When in his demon form, his attacks will get about 5x stronger, and his old attacks will be replaced by better attacks, and he counters nearly every attack. he also can't control himself while in demon form. He says: "I don't care about your, " Wants & Needs. " All i care about is the balance of the world..." I'll try to add more whenever i think of more!
( He's quite a mysterious charecter, really. )
( google, images, dragon head, 50x50, black. ) Moric, mardek 2, 50x50. ) THIS