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Location:Finland Finland
Alignment:Lawful Good

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  • Fighunter
  • Fantasy literature
  • Dragons
  • Green


  • Swearing
  • Bad grammar
  • Rebels without a cause
  • Arrogance
  • Immaturity
  • CtG. Totally hate him.
  • I am completely serious about the above item.
  • Totally not due to him having a list about that.

Mental Irregularities


Hmm... my bio?

Hmm... whatever witty I write here I always end up scrapping it. So I won't write a witty introduction sentence here!
...I'll probably delete this too over time.

About my element, I'm currently Dark, but I chose that for purely aesthetical reasons - I wanted to have an unique colour-scheme. Though I admit that I find it appealing, and decided to keep it even while changing colours.

I used to consider my alignment to be Neutral Good, but I have given some thought on what Lawful or Chaotic actually means, and now I consider myself Lawful Good. Not Lawful Stupid, mind you. There is an important difference. If there were two equal ways to achieve something good, one would be through laws/rules and the another around them, I'd prefer the lawful option. I also understand that even if I prefer doing things the lawful way, sometimes one needs to things that collide with rules. If something has to be done, my preference over lawfulness is less important than choosing the right way. I may feel uncomfortable about doing something that way, but sometimes it is the right choice. I also generally have a respect for authority, and dislike those rebellious type of people (unless they have a really good reason for rebelling, of course). So, in short, I like going by the rules and dislike going against them, but what I like and dislike must not affect my choice when it comes to doing what is right.

About my temperament choice...
I'm mainly phlegmatic. I am not good at all in making decisions, and I tend to forgive people even if I would be deeply offended by them. I happen to be quite passive, reacting calmly to most things. The opinions of others affect me, unless I have made a strong opinion of my own already. I try to be nice to people, and I hate causing people to suffer. Saying "no" isn't that difficult for me, but probably more difficult than to most. I don't consider myself to be submissive, however, which is quite wierd since I consider phelgmatic to be my primary temperament... If I have a strong opinion of something, I keep that opinion. Unless someone manages to logically prove me wrong, of course. I would also appear to be quite boring. I also dislike change and new situations. In games, winning people that I don't expect to win or don't think I should win makes me feel awkward or stressful, depending on the person.
I also tend to vanish into the background, trying to not get too much attention.

Less than phlegmatic, I would consider myself as melancholic. I tend to worry about things pretty much. I am a bit pessimistic: I usually expect less from things and find that things often go better than I thought. I do not consider myself a failure, however. I have a good image of myself, I seem to possess many attributes I value in people. I, however, hate boasting with my abilities. If I am good at something, or even the best, bringing it up makes me feel awkward. I also think about things quite much (at least compared to other people of my age...). I feel comfortable alone, but I don't dislike company. I don't have a low opinion of myself, but I still sometimes question my abilities. If I had to do something that I haven't done ever before, was it difficult or as simple as breathing, I doubt my abilites to perform my task.

Yet, there is something that bothers me... and that is leading. I don't dislike leading, but I don't like it either... I think. Still, I tend to find myself to be more or less in lead of most group projects of school. I think that is because I believe that most people do simply nothing in group projects, even if someone told them to. This comes from experience, there are always people in a group that do nothing. So it's not just a choleric delusion, I think. So, I sort of feel that if I don't "lead", nobody does anything. In a group where everyone is active, I don't usually try to lead. Then again, maybe leading is the wrong word. I more like try to get others into the conversations and such... I don't try to say what others should do, I more like try to get them to do something. And I don't push people to do things and I respect the opinions of the group. But still... If I were phlegmatic, wouldn't I run away from all such situations, instead of doing the thing I do? Perhaps that could be explained with melancholicness (I want things to be right, so if I don't "lead", things are not going to be right since nobody does anything). So I'm not choleric... please?

However, now that I look at the new temperaments page, the description of Melancholic/Phlegmatic seems to fit me almost more than Phlegmatic/Melancholic... but at least for now, I shall keep my temperament as Phlegmatic/Melancholic. Since it fits me well also...

I consider my greatest strength to be my mind and my will to use it. I usually try to think solutions to problems myself instead of just randomly choosing something and going just by feeling or asking somebody else to solve it for me.
I consider my greatest weakness to be my lack of motivation. It just diminishes away, making me unable to finish things I don't have to do. I might have some artistic skill, and might be able to make something worth the time, but my motivation just fades away... I really admire Pseudo's ability to finish the large projects he gets himself into, even though his motivation fades sometimes and he tends to start doing new things on a whim. But he can handle all those projects (even though it would take long, long time...), and that is an ability I wish I had.

I keep a lot of things to myself, so I could say I have a lot of secrets, and I consider many things my own "personal things" that do not belong to anyone else. There are quite many things about me that, as far as I know, nobody except me knows. Some of them are quite silly, not really something most people would consider worth keeping a secret. I don't usually like to publicly express my likes if they conflict with the popular likes and dislikes. So for example, almost no-one in school knows my favourite music genre, and I usually try to avoid situations where people want to hear my favourite song. I don't have that much problem with discussing my dislikes, even if they are against the popular likes, but I try to do it in a joking manner, not meaning to offend anyone. It would appear that I have talked about my "personal things" more here than in school. Maybe it's because there are more people with similiar opinions of things here.

And I'm also pretty inactive, since I try to avoid posting if I don't have something to say, but I still often come and check the forums, even if I wouldn't post anything.

Now I have an avatar. It is the "Icewyrm", drawn by Pseudo. Beautiful picture, even though I had to brutally cut and resize it and it got all pixelated as I turned it to .gif-file... thankfully, CtG remade it for me and now it isn't pixelated anymore. Yay!

Pseudo, if you change your mind on using your art as an avatar, just let me know and I will change it to something else.


16.6.2011 - Rating Orb ! rs111 was banned. For some, that would be a day to remember, either as a loss of a funny, though somewhat trollish member, or as the day we finally got rid of an annoying pest who contributed nothing postive. It is all up to you, really.